Harris, Simon

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Committee of Public Accounts Debate

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I would like to follow up on the issue raised by Deputy Ferris last week about the compulsory purchase of land in County Wicklow. We have been waiting six months for a response to the initial inquiry...More Button

Chapter 32 - Financial Control in the Irish Red Cross (Resumed)

I thank the delegation for appearing before the committee. It has been a useful exchange and I hope it found it useful as well. It is reassuring to hear from the Secretary General that there will ne...More Button

Sure.More Button

I am not familiar with the working of the organisation on the internal level although I am familiar with the working of many volunteer organisations. I take the point that these people are volunteers...More Button

Let me put it clearly on the record. I do not know this individual’s name.More Button

I do not want to know this individual’s name. This is not about an individual.More Button

I do not know anything about this person nor do I need to. In an effort to be helpful to moving on from the distraction and failings to which Mr. O’Callaghan referred in the chairman’s report, which ...More Button

I do, thank you.More Button

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