Burton, Joan

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Select Committee on Finance and the Public Service Debate

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I move amendment No. 1: In page 11, before Section 1, to insert the following new section:More Button

Yes. I do not disagree with anything the Minister has said and everyone will acknowledge that great improvements have been made by the Revenue Commissioners in allowing people to contact them either ...More Button

It does arise on the amendment.More Button

The amendment does not propose to establish a new statutory body but to extend the remit of the Ombudsman to cover such cases. The core objective of the Ombudsman is to ensure fair public administrat...More Button

I want the Minister to understand what I am talking about. There is a requirement for oversight in this area because public administration in Ireland is complex. A person who loses his or her job an...More Button

I move amendment No. 2: In page 11, before Section 1, to insert the following new section:More Button

The net point is that the Minister’s proposal is not about Sharia finance for households but Sharia finance to be based in the International Financial Services Centre. It is eminently reasonable to h...More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply. I will first address the construction-based schemes. The Minister, in reply to a question I asked last week, stated that in 2007, the last year for which informat...More Button

I want to make a point. The reason I raise the matter is that I do not know whether the initiative involves capacity for particular types of entities to mitigate their taxes. I am not an expert on S...More Button

When something as important as this is established in the International Financial Services Centre we deserve to have a report on it. More Button

I am sorry but I do not understand the Minister’s question. I asked for a cost-benefit analysis to be carried out.More Button

I would like to know the position of the Minister’s party on the issue. The Minister made a reference to sunset periods but sunset never arrives in Fianna Fáil. As sunset comes the time is pushed ba...More Button

I want our public hospitals to stay open. How many public hospitals and accident and emergency units does the Minister propose to close?More Button

Most staff in private hospitals are unhappy with what the Minister’s party is doing to private hospitals.More Button

No, it was not. The Department issued an answer to a parliamentary question on that matter last week, which the Minister will be able to get from his officials if he requests it.More Button

Deputy Burton can speak for herself and does not need words to be put into her mouth. The Minister should take his hand away from his face and not speak out of both sides of his mouth.More Button

Sorry, is the Chairman taking amendment No. 2?More Button

I am sorry but the Minister was busy abusing me at the time and, in the Fianna Fáil tradition, making false allegations against me.More Button

Votáil. More Button

On a point of order, my amendment No. 3 was a proposal to ensure that, in the context of changes the Minister proposes for the financial services sector, no company in the Irish Financial Services Cen...More Button

On a point of order, the Chairman wrote to me to say——More Button

I contest that and ask the Chairman what advice he has received in arriving at the ruling. I fail to see how political donations to parties constitute a charge, positive or negative, on the Exchequer...More Button

Does the Minister have any proposals to bring forward a Green Paper or a White Paper on this whole area? In the budget he signalled a vast range of changes which, in effect, put PRSI on a universal, ...More Button

It would be helpful if the Minister could provide us with a note about how this is proposed to work. In particular, there are difficulties where family members are clubbing together to meet the cost ...More Button

The explanatory memorandum states: Hospitals will no longer need to be approved by the Minister for Finance. Instead, maintenance or treatment costs that are incurred will now qualify for tax relief ...More Button

Traditionally, much of these types of expenses relate to hospitals. Why would the Minister delete a reference to a hospital?More Button

That has always been the rule.More Button

Many of those affected by the circumstances cited by Deputy Noel Ahern will have paid substantial stamp duty when they bought and refurbished a second-hand house. The Deputy has made a strong point r...More Button

What is the position regarding a significant number of doctors from other countries such as the United Kingdom who work here out of service at weekends? How will they be dealt with?More Button

Yes, that is my question. What is the relevance of the fact that they are from the United Kingdom and work here at weekends?More Button

They are viewed as employed.More Button

Yes. Are such persons subject to a double taxation agreement with the United Kingdom or Germany?More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

In a previous Finance Bill an amendment was made in my name in respect of tax relief for people who received redundancy payments and who utilised some part of those payments for educational courses of...More Button

As the Minister seems minded to refuse to accept the amendment, would he at least agree to commission a report or an examination of the matter? I will give him a couple of examples. Currently, the G...More Button

Perhaps because I have a background in third level education and training, I am conscious of the massive demand for retraining and education. A huge number of working and middle class parents are pre...More Button

I agree this is a cross-departmental issue. Could he use the auspices of his Department to deal with it? The McCarthy report on cutting costs emanated from the Department of Finance. This measure a...More Button

I remind the Minister that in his first report——More Button

——Mr McCarthy proposed that the train to Galway should stop in Athlone and that people would thereafter be put on the bus. A very clever person who was involved in politics disagreed with that, and r...More Button

The docklands.More Button

I move amendment No. 16: In page 27, between lines 21 and 22, to insert the following: “(a) by inserting the following subsection in section 207: “(4A) A charity— (a) shall submit a copy of its annua...More Button

I did not hear the Minister’s last comment.More Button

There might be considerable reputational loss.More Button

Having regard to the collapse of the banking system and all the various affairs that occurred in the IFSC, starting with reinsurances, the German banks and including the latest one, namely, the use by...More Button

May I ask the Minister one supplementary question? I shall be explicit. In many parts of this country, three and four times a night and as early as 4 a.m., there are charity collectors dropping bags...More Button

Nobody believes they know who they are. The Minister might send his strongest bloodhounds out at 4 a.m. to talk to them.More Button

I will reintroduce it on Report Stage but I ask the Minister to consider it because it is an area in which he could bring real benefits to people if he addressed the issue.More Button

Does the Minister have any note in respect of the new section 208(a)? That will allow a charity established in any EEA or EFTA state to apply to the Revenue Commissioners for a determination that suc...More Button

Will one have to have an entity in Ireland or will it simply be a case of the parent body operating in Ireland?More Button

There will not be accounting requirements for these bodies other than the very vague ones the Minister outlined in regard to the Revenue Commissioners.More Button

This is the amendment to the Green Party amendment regarding the 80% windfall tax. An 80% tax on anything is a joke.More Button

In what circumstances does the Minister imagine that an actual charge to tax will arise under section 24 given the current state of the property market and its probable state over the coming ten years...More Button

Unless it is an agricultural site being passed to a member of the family.More Button

Is this largely a measure for the IFSC?More Button

To follow up on my previous question on the overall section 27, how much of unit trust activity, roughly, is in the IFSC and how much is in the ordinary economy?More Button

This is the overall section 27. Why is there so much reference to the IFSC and to overseas investors and so on?More Button

Is that why so many prominent Irish people are fond of having companies in Liechtenstein?More Button

Will the Revenue Commissioners get a share of the information on tax havens purchased by a number of countries from a whistleblower located in Switzerland? Do they have to pay for the information tha...More Button

Is there any expectation that Irish names might be found?More Button

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