Byrne, Eric J.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade Debate

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Human Rights Issues: Discussion with Front Line Defenders

At the outset I apologise for being the political virgin at the table because I did not know anything about Front Line Defenders. I read the brief which is phenomenally interesting and fascinating. ...More Button

While the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade is the chairman of the OSCE, is it not the case that a recent chairman was from Uzbekistan?More Button

Did the FLD lobby the Uzbeki chairman about the riots in Osh during which there was a terrible purge of Uzbekis with up to 700 people killed? The only reason I vaguely know that is that I was observi...More Button

It has just occurred to me that there was a man for whom I used to feel terribly sorry who was incarcerated in an Israeli prison for divulging the atomic research programme of the Israelis.More Button

Yes. All sorts of restrictions were placed on him. Does he fall into the category of a human rights defender such as Mr. Anderson would defend?More Button

I am sorry for interjecting, but the case just occurred to me.More Button

Okay, but he has not been forgotten. Is he still on someone’s books?More Button

That was a personal view. I was wary about someone-----More Button

I do not doubt the research carried out on those whom the witnesses ask us to support.More Button

Situation in Bahrain: Discussion with RCSI

I welcome the debate which is important and has been going on in subliminal form for quite a while. Now it is being addressed in its totality. It is fascinating but also fascinatingly complex and it...More Button

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