O'Sullivan, Jan

Thursday, 25 June 1998

Select Committee on Justice, Equality and Women's Rights Debate

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I agree with Deputy McManus. According to the directive the legislation should have been introduced by 3 June this year and while there was provision for a year’s delay that was only in cases of serio...More Button

I move amendment No. 3: In page 5, between lines 13 and 14, to insert the following subsection: “(4) A word or expression used in this Act and also in Council Directive 96/34/EC of 3 June, 1996, shall...More Button

I also congratulate the Minister on deleting the words “without pay”. This was a major point for all. While, as Deputy McManus said, it is not an indication there will be paid leave, it at least leave...More Button

This amendment is self-explanatory; it looks for an extra month parental leave. It would not be particularly onerous on the employer to extend this leave.More Button

I ask the Minister to take a final look at this matter before Report Stage as I do not see how it would be a huge imposition on employers. In fact, it might suit some employers as it may be easier to ...More Button

I move amendment No. 7: In page 6, lines 12 to 14, to delete subsection (2). This amendment proposes to delete subsection (2). The legislation applies to a child born after the date in question - 3 Ju...More Button

I do not accept this is retrospection at all as, in effect, it does not seek that anyone be accorded parental leave on a date prior to the implementation of the legislation. Neither does it seek that ...More Button

The directive has been on the table for implementation since June 1996. We are asking that all children under the age of five or eight - whichever is accepted at the end of this debate - be included i...More Button

Yes. Amendment put.More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Few parents will take this leave for children between the ages of five and eight. However, we should be as generous as possible for those who want to do so. There may be cases where a child has a part...More Button

I move amendment No. 11: In page 6, lines 23 to 26, to delete subsection (4). This amendment seeks to delete subsection (4) which provides that an employee must complete one year’s continuous employme...More Button

There was a problem with subsection (5). It basically states that if an employee is off for any part of the working day, it is considered to be a full day in relation to force majeure leave. Could tha...More Button

It is not in the section.More Button

I move amendment No. 37: In page 14, subsection (7), line 51, to delete “that offence” and substitute “an offence and shall be liable on conviction on indictment thereof to the penalties applying to p...More Button

I thank the Minister of State. Amendment agreed to. Section 19, as amended, agreed to. Section 20 agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 38: In page 15, subsection (3), lines 28 to 30, to delete “but shall not exceed 20 weeks’ remuneration in respect of the employee’s employment calculated in such manner as may be ...More Button

I move amendment No. 43: In page 16, subsection (4), line 49, to delete “relevant employer” and substitute “respondent to the application”. The term “respondent to the application” is the normal termi...More Button

It is not a hugely important issue to me, so I will withdraw the amendment. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Section 22 agreed to. Sections 23 and 24 agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 45: In page 20, after line 8, to insert the following new section: “29.-The Employment Equality Act, 1998, is hereby amended in section 39(c) by the deletion of ’and the Adoptive ...More Button

No. I think the Minister of State’s amendment takes in my point. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Title agreed to.More Button

Report of Select Committee

I concur with the remarks of Deputy McManus. Some progress has been made in the Seanad, the Dáil and this Committee.More Button

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