O Snodaigh, Aengus

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Select Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women's Rights Debate

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I give notice that I intend to table amendments to this section on Report Stage to include other serious crimes not covered by the Rome Statute, namely, crimes under international human rights law and...More Button

I wish to raise a similar point in regard to the commencement of the Bill. Would it be possible for the commencement to occur before the signing of the Rome Statute because that is what the State indi...More Button

Could that be put in rather than the commencement of the Bill.More Button

I wish to give notice of my intention, as I did with section 6, to table an amendment on Report Stage to extend the section’s scope to cover crimes under international law which might not have been co...More Button

I wish to indicate my intention to table an amendment on Report Stage to give effect to a recommendation by Amnesty International that the standards of superior responsibility should be the same for c...More Button

As regards section 18(2)(b), can the Minister explain where he would envisage that primacy would not be given to the ICC offence? It states “may” rather than “will” postpone such an action. This is wh...More Button

In that case, would the court or the DPP decide the matter?More Button

No. In fact, the provision is that the Minister may postpone an action.More Button

Normally it would be the DPP or a court. I will come back to this matter on Report Stage.More Button

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