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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Select Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women's Rights Debate

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Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2006: Committee Stage.

Is the Minister of State satisfied with that reply?More Button

Before we race through the excision of a number of sections relating to the legal services ombudsman, will the Minister of State indicate if he is in a position to outline his plans in this regard? I...More Button

I move amendment No. 8:In page 17, before section 20, to insert the following new section:More Button

I move amendment No. 14: In page 24, subsection (8), line 35, after “subsection” to insert “(6) or ”.More Button

Having heard the Minister of State, I will withdraw the amendment.More Button

What sort of Bill was this before all the amendments?More Button

Anarchy is another word that occurs. More Button

I query the purpose of this section. The explanatory memorandum is not of much assistance. We recently praised the explanatory memoranda of a couple of Bills prepared by the Law Reform Commission as...More Button

I am not sure the Minister of State addressed the point at issue, which is not the recording of the proceedings in the District Court but the requirement on a judge to take and retain a note of the su...More Button

Will the Minister of State repeat what he said?More Button

That is a substantially different justification for the section than the one we heard from the Minister of State initially. I do not know the circumstances of the judicial reviews to which he referre...More Button

With respect, that is also a different point. I can understand why the District Court judges might take the view that it is fine by them. It is one requirement less for how they discharge their duti...More Button

With all due respect, the Minister of State is advancing different arguments than he made initially.More Button

I accept the Minister of State is being helpful; I would expect nothing less from him. On examination of the argument, however, I am not sure it is an especially compelling one. I am not sure the en...More Button

There were many contradictions in the little discussion we had about it. I do not submit that it is the most important matter in the Bill and, as I stated at the outset, I opposed the section purely ...More Button

I intervene on this amendment because the Chairman has ruled out amendment No. 61 in my name which is on a related area. I do not normally disagree with the referee but I believe the Chairman’s rulin...More Button

Perhaps there is a parallel. We must face our own tribunal on that — the people. I am not opposing amendment No. 60 but wider issues are raised by the question of misconduct. It may be a small numbe...More Button

I do not normally dispute referees’ decisions, so I accept the ruling. Can the Minister of State indicate whether it is a waste of my time to try and redraft it for Report State or whether he is sayi...More Button

It is useful that the Minister of State has put this on the record and we shall have a look at that before Report Stage. More Button

Can the Minister of State advise us as to why it is being excised and whether the intention is to bring forward something better? More Button

We are discussing section 57 and we are coming to section 58, on landlord and tenant issues. These sections require more attention than I have given them to date. I wish to give notice that I might ...More Button

One of the reasons I did not pick up on the significance of this is that one would never do so from the explanatory memorandum. There is a glancing paragraph at the top of page six of the explanatory...More Button

Would it be possible for us to construct an amendment for Report Stage that would make the provisions herein retrospective to a current date?More Button

Yes.More Button

That is correct.More Button

That is what we are seeking to achieve. It seems to me we are accepting that although that is the purpose of the section, it will not achieve that purpose in the case of persons in her situation this...More Button

Given the butchery that we have wreaked on the Bill this morning with all the excisions, it is not exactly mind-shattering in its remaining content. It might be possible for us to facilitate an early...More Button

Why does the Minister keep referring to that? Am I losing my balance? The Minister of State made some reference to the Land and Conveyancing Law Bill being further progressed. This is not the case....More Button

Did it come to us from the Seanad? Nonetheless, it has not gone to Committee Stage in the Dáil.More Button

It has, but Committee Stage has not been debated and it will be of no benefit in this regard.More Button

The only point I would repeat is that if we proceed, when we next see the Bill, devoid of the various sections we have excised, it will be a slim enough effort and would not take much time on Report S...More Button

This measure seems sensible. I agree with the amendment and have no difficulty with it. As the Standards in Public Office Act 2001 is being amended, perhaps members should take the opportunity to de...More Button

I move amendment No. 71: In page 41, before section 62, but in Part 8, to insert the following new section: “Amendment of section 6 of Juries Act 1976. 62.—Section 6 of the Juries Act 1976 is amended ...More Button

Is the Minister for State recommending that Dr. Paisley would serve on juries and not here? More Button

I am doing no more than arguing that there ought not be an arbitrary cut-off point, that there ought to be a more flexible test and that capable and informed senior citizens ought to be enabled to per...More Button

I accept what the Minister of State has said and look forward to him being in the curtilage of the House if his senior does not deliver on the positive vibrations coming from across the floor. More Button

Dr. John Charles McQuaid and the late Bishop Michael Browne will be turning in their graves at this impulse for modernisation at the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.More Button

Would one not want a break after five years to allow in new people?More Button

If two parents have a single employer and are entitled to a certain period of parental leave each, one parent can take twice the amount of leave while the other presents for work.More Button

In so far as it relates to the Garda Síochána, how is it different from current practice? Certain powers that were previously vested in the Garda Commissioner are now vested in the Minister.More Button

In whom rests the disciplinary authority?More Button

I await the Minister of State’s response.More Button

What higher ranks? Civilian staff at more modest levels, such as a clerical officer, would be subject to discipline by the Chief Superintendent or whomsoever.More Button

To protect civilisation as we know it.More Button

Does the Secretary General of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform do this at present?More Button

How many are there?More Button

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