Committee on the Secondary Legislation of the European Communities - 1978

21st Dail

Committee on the Secondary Legislation of the European Communities - 1978
Date Committee Subjects Dáil  Seanad
13/Dec/1978 Joint Debates in the Houses. 21
    Funds for the Joint Committee. 21
    Work of Joint Committee. 21
    Public Service Transport, Carriage of Goods, Community Quota, Road/Rail Transport and Infrastructure Expenditure. 21
    Combating of Illegal Migration and Illegal Employment. 21
    Limitation of Noise Emitted by Compressors and Analysis and Sampling of Surface Water intended for Abstraction of Drinking Water. 21
    Commission’s Proposals on Certain Energy Matters. 21
06/Dec/1978 Joint Protection of Employees in the event of the Insolvency of their Employer. 21
    Approval of Persons Responsible for Carrying out Statutory Audits of Annual Accounts of Limited Companies. 21
    Situation in the Milk Sector. 21
    Generalised Tariff Preferences Scheme for 1979. 21
08/Nov/1978 Joint Community Action in the Cultural Sector. 21
    Application of VAT to Works of Art, Collectors’ Items, Antiques and Used Goods. 21
    Teaching of Languages in the Community. 21
    Study of European Community in Schools. 21
    Veterinary Medicinal Products. 21
    Veterinary Surgeons. 21
    Joint Research Programmes and Programmes for Co-ordinating Agricultural Research. 21
    Control of Concentrations between Undertakings. 21
    Statutory Instruments. 21
28/Jun/1978 Joint Procedure 21
    Common Organisation of the Market in Sheepmeat. 21
    Economic and Monetary Union. 21
    Maintenance of Minimum Stocks of Crude Oil and/or Petroleum Products. 21
    Misleading and Unfair Advertising. 21
    Social Insurance Schemes for Self-Employed Persons and their Families Moving Within the Community. 21
    Health and Safety at Work. 21
    Micro-Pollutants in Water, Atmospheric Pollutants, Pollution of Groundwater, Sulphurous Emissions from Fuel Oils and Protection for Electrical Equipment. 21
    Control of Concentrations Between Undertakings. 21
    Statutory Instruments. 21
03/May/1978 Joint Minutes of Previous Meeting. 21
    Youth Employment. 21
    Group Accounts. 21
    Implemenation of Second Directive concerning the Formation of Public Companies and the Maintenance of Alteration of their Capital. 21
    Control of Concentrations Between Undertakings. 21
    Pairing Arrangements. 21
26/Apr/1978 Joint Procedure 21
    Shipbuilding Industry. 21
    Doorstep Sales and Unit Pricing. 21
    Decision-making Process of Community and Funds for Joint Committee. 21
    Home Study Courses. 21
    Youth Employment. 21
19/Apr/1978 Joint Expression of Sympathy. 21
    Meeting of Sub-Committees. 21
    Debates in the Houses of the Oireachtas. 21
    Visits to Brussels and Luxembourg. 21
    The Market in Beef and Veal. 21
    Proposals Relating to Agricultural Structures. 21
    Proposed Regulation Relating to the Fixing of Representative Conversion Rates in Agriculture and the Use of the European Unit of Account in the Common Agricultural Policy. 21
    Shipbuilding Industry. 21
07/Feb/1978 Joint Election of Vice-Chairman. 21
    Appointment of Chairmen of Sub-Committees. 21
    Chairman’s Draft Reports. 21
    Mergers and Control of Concentrations. 21
    Exercise of the Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services by Dental Surgeons. 21
    Proposals Relating to Life Assurance and Non-Life Insurance. 21