Friday, 17 September 1920

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. F No. 17

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The DIRECTOR OF TRADE AND COMMERCE presented a Bill for the formation of an Economic Council and moved its adoption. The text of the Bill is as follows:—

1. The National Economic Council shall be established by Dáil Eireann as a Government Board and shall carry out such duties as may from time to time be assigned to it. The funds necessary for its work shall be provided by vote of the Dáil and its employees shall be servants of the Dáil.

[232] 2. Membership of the Council shall consist of two elements:—

(a) A nominated element comprising representatives of various Departments of the Ministry and experts and others having special knowledge nominated by the Ministry.

(b) An elected element comprising duly accredited representatives of various organised economic interests, such as Labour, Agriculture (Farmers' Union, etc.), Co-operation, etc., and representatives of some of the local Public Bodies.

3. The duties of the Council shall be:—

(a) To examine and report on all current economic questions referred to it by the Dáil or the Cabinet and generally to advise the Republican Government in regard to economic policy.

(b) By providing a common ground for representatives of various economic interests and by promoting negotiations between them to secure agreements and joint action which will safeguard national interests.

4. Decisions of the Council on matters not relating to procedure or internal discipline shall be with the consent of the representatives of the interests concerned. Where agreement cannot be reached majority and minority reports may be submitted to An Dáil. The Secretary of the Council shall supply the Ministry with copies of the minutes of the Council and its Sub-Committees.

He also moved that a Vote of £400 be made to cover the expenses of the Council to 31st December, 1920.

J. MACBRIDE (Mayo, West) seconded the motions, which were put and carried.

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