Collins, Michael

Friday, 16 December 1921

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. T No. 4

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Mr. Speaker, there is a vital document missing. There should be, in full, the exact document presented to the Cabinet.More Button

Oh! is it?More Button

One point is this, the delegation came over from London for a very definite, certain Cabinet meeting. We spent the whole day of Saturday at that meeting. I think we had to go back and to get the boat...More Button

You are reading out the wrong oath.More Button

On point of order— I should like to ask the President whether he did not ask the Minister for Defence would he take the oath, whether the Minister for Defence said, “No”, and the President said, “Su...More Button

May I ask the Minister for Home Affairs whether he agrees with the Cabinet record of the oath as read by President De Valera three times?More Button

Might I ask whether he agrees with the Cabinet record given by yourself to me in the presence of the Minister for Home Affairs that the words of the oath as given in the Cabinet record, December 3rd,...More Button

Did he say, “King George V”?More Button

He suggested the King. I don't know what King George is if he is not the King.More Button

On a point of order there was a question asked about the oath not about a constitutional point. I am not a constitutional lawyer. Everyone knew that before I went away. Is my point of order conceded?More Button

May I say that a most important position has been reached.More Button

On a point of order, Mr. Chairman please, I must insist on this. It is for us to explain our mental condition in London, not for somebody else (Hear, hear).More Button

That is not so.More Button

Mr. Speaker, I have risen a couple of times. One statement was made that I said I was in a fog. That statement is incorrect. What I did say was that I was constantly being befogged by constitutional ...More Button

The reports agree exactly with the views of the man in charge of the office, Mr. George McGrath, except I think they have got information with respect to the sixth key. Just now a report will be comi...More Button

Could not such speeches as that be made more profitably in public? Is there any reason for such speeches in private? I thought they were only going to say things about the Treaty.More Button

I thought we all understood it was the Treaty. I don't see any reason for a speech like that to be made in private and again in public. It is a most important speech for the public session. I should ...More Button

I raise the point of order simply. It should have been made before.More Button

I think Mr. Duggan took a legal opinion from him on it. He could give the opinion.More Button

If we are going into public session at eleven o'clock in the morning some of us will not be here for the evening session. I for one cannot be here. There will I suppose be pretty heavy responsibility...More Button

I have not heard a single word this afternoon that might not be said more profitably at a public session.More Button

I have no objection to postpone the public session until Monday.More Button

I suggest that we ought make tomorrow's private session the last private session because it is having a demoralising effect upon ourselves. It is bad for our proceedings to be closed to the press and...More Button

There is. There are serious reasons.More Button

Again it was said to me yesterday that I wanted to rush it. Let us talk about this thing in public for the next ten years if we like, but let us talk in public.More Button

I propose that the session adjourns now.More Button

That is not fair commentMore Button

The Deputy from Cork made the suggestion that if the House stood adjourned the Deputies would remain to read these documents (submitted by the Committee). Some of us have seen too much of these damne...More Button

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