O'Higgins, Kevin Christopher

Friday, 16 December 1921

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. T No. 4

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It is here.More Button

I too will be anxious to make it clear to the House the genesis of the document of December 4th and circumstances of the Cabinet meeting of that Saturday. You will remember that Mr. Lloyd George, as ...More Button

I said I considered it objectionable. No matter who this person might be he would be here with his little court and coterie and all the West-British element would rally around the court and it will h...More Button

Yes, sir.More Button

Take the secretary's notes, page three. The President took his stand on the last Irish proposals which meant external association with the Crown. We will read the President's view— “Meeting of Cabine...More Button

I withdraw my remarks in so far as they regard the Minister of Defence to say that they apply in full force to the Minister for Home Affairs.More Button

The last speaker said he hadn't a legal mind. This is the first time I saw the documents. I was a member of the committee and I never laid eyes on one of them. I asked a question of President of the ...More Button

On a point of personal explanation, I am not a relative of Mr. Healy's.More Button

It is not that we swear it but that members of the Free State swear it.More Button

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