Duffy, George Gavan

Tuesday, 30 January 1923

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 2 No. 22

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May I take it that in the event of the President's proposal being agreed to should there be a debate on the adjournment it would go on until 6.30?More Button


I desire to support this point of order. It seems to me that this Dáil is disseized of this Bill altogether under the Constitution. I should like to ask the Chairman to let the Dáil know exactly wha...More Button

As far as I am concerned, I am prepared to say that what the President has said raises two quite distinct issues—one, the constitutional question, which is the main question which interested me in thi...More Button

He asked us to hope for the release of Dowling and others from the passing of the Amnesty Bill.More Button

But he has given us no facts whatever which would justify us, in my view, in assuming that any such result would happen. Had I been here when this Bill was before the consideration of the Dáil I shou...More Button


Let us be clear on this. I think the President is under a misapprehension. I think the clause of the Constitution to which he refers is the clause which provides that money shall not be appropriated...More Button

I submit that the President is under a misapprehension.More Button

We are not undertaking anything of the kind. I suggest that the resolution can come later on.More Button

Surely the matter can be settled in this way. The Bill that we are going through to-day has to go through several readings. The President's point can be met if he brings the matter forward before the...More Button

Either this Resolution should have been introduced before the Bill was introduced at all, or before the second reading, or it can come up before it is finally passed. We have already got through the...More Button


I beg to move:— To substitute for the words, lines 44, 45, 46, “(whether a person possessing the qualifications prescribed by Sub-section (3) of Section 1 of the Sheriffs (Ireland) Act, 1920, or not),...More Button

I am going to vote for this amendment if it is pressed to a vote, as an alternative—a poor alternative—but still, an alternative to my own. I say a poor alternative, because I think the other one wa...More Button

I beg to move: To insert before the word “persons,” line 9, the word “suitable.”More Button

I beg to move: —To add to Sub-Section 1 the following words:—“Provided that nothing in this Sub-section above contained shall be deemed to authorise an Under-Sheriff so to employ any person subject to...More Button

Then, is there any objection to the first three lines of the amendment?More Button

Who is going to pay for the military assistance when it is invoked?More Button

The point of my question was rather different.More Button

The point I wish cleared up is that in view of the fact that a great many new expenses are to be added under the Bill the employment of military to make a display of force will not in any way tend to ...More Button

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