Cosgrave, William T.

Wednesday, 16 May 1923

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 3 No. 14

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Yes, sir. I will cause the return asked for to be prepared, and presented to Oireachtas.More Button


As at present advised I am not prepared to create a special department for Government statistics. The Government is, however, fully alive to the advantages to be secured by the concentration of stati...More Button


The law on the subject is that if, during the previous year, his earnings were over £49 17s. 6d., it is not open to the Minister to consider the case.More Button


The Minister for Home Affairs and I have under consideration the interim report referred to. I am not in a position to fix a definite date for the introduction of legislation based on the findings of ...More Button


As far as I can see from the descriptions and particulars here, that case would come within the terms of reference that have been submitted to that Committee, but of course, I am not in a position, no...More Button

Yes.More Button


Oh, none whatever. The Seanad is a very useful body, and we ought not to antagonise them, as is sometimes done.More Button


It is fairly obvious that this is a Bill upon which the Dáil is agreed as regards the main principles. It is a matter of detail. If the Dáil is willing I will take this Resolution now. Agreed.More Button


I move: Go bhfuil sé oiriúnach a udarú go n-íocfar, as airgead a sholáthríonn an t-Oireachtas, pé costaisí a cuirfear suas fé aon Acht den tSiosón so chun liúntaisí d'íoc le Baill an Oireachtais agus ...More Button


I move Section 2. Amendment by Mr. R. Wilson:— In Sub-section (1) to add after the word “month,” line 38, the words: “payable at the expiration of every calendar month to each member who during that p...More Button

This amendment prescribes a date for the payment of allowances which is at the end of the month. That is scarcely necessary. It also makes a certain number of attendances to be essential for payment...More Button

Yes, or just coming in, bowing to the gentleman recording the names, and going out again. As a matter of fact, there was at one time a little social function in connection with that particular instit...More Button

I think it is right to say that I may have conveyed more than I intended to convey by that. There is no doubt about it, the attendance of the Dublin members leaves nothing to be desired. It is very g...More Button

It should be understood that they have been withdrawn from certain spheres of activity which were remunerative. That should be borne in mind. While the Deputy may have to supervise his farm or his e...More Button

I do not think that we can undertake to bring up any clause or amendment to deal with the matter which Deputy Wilson has in mind. Personally I do not think that we have any serious cause of complaint...More Button

It would cover the Assistant Minister or an extern member of the Ministry, but it would include the Assistant Minister, if there were one prescribed.More Button

I will consider that point.More Button

And in receipt of salary?More Button

I think that in the case of any new office that would be set up in the Dáil the matter would be dealt with in the legislation providing for that office. I think in the other matter the electoral law ...More Button

Yes, I will look into that point.More Button

I have taken down the words: “Subject to such Standing Orders as may from time to time be adopted by the Dáil or Seanad.” Just observe what that means. At a given moment it is open to either House p...More Button

The two things are interlocked. If what Deputy Johnson mentioned about a person elected as a member of the Dáil to an office under the State were brought in under Standing Orders there would be a lik...More Button

The Deputy, of course, is aware of the people that it is intended to accommodate in this respect —the Senators. A number of residences of Senators have been destroyed in various parts of the Free Sta...More Button

I think the one you have in mind would not require travelling expenses.More Button

It is only meant to cover cases where the residences have been destroyed. If there be any misinterpretation by members of the Seanad that it is going to cover any other members, then I would like to ...More Button

As I explained, I think that will be the earliest time, but I do say that there is a safeguard for the Dáil, as the Estimates for that particular Service will come before Deputies each year and attent...More Button

I would not like to trust to that.More Button

It will be worth it.More Button

I assume that the two amendments are being taken together?More Button

It rather seems to me that the two amendments deal with the one question.More Button

It is sought to make as a criterion for payment “reasonable and sufficient,” as against “involuntary and innocent,” and, secondly, to make the Ceann Comhairle or An Cathaoirleach the person immediatel...More Button

If the Committee will give us the words “involuntary and innocent” I will consider the other amendment.More Button

That is quite right.More Button

Yes, I shall. Amendment by leave withdrawn. Motion made and question put: “That Section 5 stand part of the Bill.” Agreed. SECTION 6. (1) In this Act— the expression “travelling facilities” means the...More Button

I move Section 6.More Button

Yes. Well, I will promise to look into that for the next Stage. If you leave it in I will consider it. Questions put: “That Sections 6 and 7 stand part of the Bill.” Agreed.More Button


No, I would not recommend that. I move the Preamble. I think it is necessary, and it looks very well. There are various articles set out that we should do all the things we have done in the Bill. Qu...More Button


I beg to move the Title. Question put: “That the Title stand part of the Bill.” Agreed.More Button


I really cannot hear what the Deputy is saying.More Button

I am advised that the proposed amendment is unnecessary. This Section only applies where any person in this Section called a defaulter makes default in paying in a sum which may be levied upon him in ...More Button

I think it is perfectly plain on the face of it.More Button

We have done a lot with the last amendment.More Button

The Deputy has given me something in this Section. I do not want that, and I am not going to take it.More Button

That is not what I said, sir. If you look up what I said you will find it is not that.More Button

I am clear as to what we do mean in this. The Deputy wants to give me something that I do not want, and that I am not asking for. I could, perhaps, meet the Deputy by suggesting that after the word “...More Button

I am advised that the Section as it is, is right. If it is so desired, I will withdraw my amendment and bring the matter up on the next Stage.More Button

I move that the Section stand part of the Bill.More Button

I will take the last case mentioned first, and that is as regards assessments. I observe very closely what the Deputy said. I did not hear him say—he may have said it, but I did not hear him—that th...More Button

Excessive assessments of what kind? Is it in excess of the income in the individual case? I think the Deputy well knows that most people had an extraordinary reticence about disclosing the whole of ...More Button

I never heard a single member of that Cabinet give any other advice than that. I recollect the then Minister for Finance, the late Commander-in-Chief, on every occasion that the matter came up saying...More Button

I had not finished. I only gave way to an interruption.More Button

The point that has been urged by two of the principal objectors to this Clause, Deputy Figgis and Deputy Gavan Duffy, is that we have made no case for it. Assuming that you require to have a case mad...More Button

I have no sooner answered one Deputy than up jumps another and raises some other point.More Button

Now, if I sit down again, sir, some other member will stand up, and I think it is due to Deputy Fitzgibbon that they should not interrupt him a second time.More Button

Of course they can and they can speak four or five times, or six times, if necessary. “There are large powers available”—what are the large powers? The collector can distrain. Just imagine an unarme...More Button

Now, the collector is not a sufficiently strong institution in this country to warrant him taking any liberties when there are such unusual quantities of arms and such a large number of Irregulars kno...More Button

I want to start him off for the credit of the country, so that the new Executive, when they come along, will be in a position to pay debts that they are going to contract; that they will be in a posit...More Button

Pouring odium and contempt upon the very institution that is supporting him in the country, and that is making it safe for him to walk the streets and for people to raise their hats to him—emergency ...More Button

I should say that something like 60 per cent. of the tax is collected without any force, or even the necessity for employing what is called moral suasion. The next 10 per cent. is is a little expensi...More Button

Yes. Of course, continued repetition of the facts of the case may weary members to death. I hope they will not. The facts of the case are:—Local Authorities, as such, suffered serious loss by certa...More Button

There is no fear of that. We have already agreed to accept any reasonable instalments and to grant any reasonable accommodation required by business people, professional people or anyone else, on rep...More Button

I think they have. I could not tell you off-hand. I am sure they are all very honest people.More Button

I will be telling them that in a couple of months' time when I go down there.More Button

I would like to say that these are exceptional powers asked for by reason of our experience not alone of the difficulty of the collection of Income Tax, but of the difficulty of collecting other debts...More Button

There were more than honest men in it. Honest men sometimes withheld payment, because they saw other people not doing their share.More Button

It is right to say that in one part of the country the people for whom Deputy Gorey speaks, and the people he represents directly and indirectly, the farmers and the Farmers' Unions, gave us every pos...More Button


I stated that I will leave that question to the free vote of the Dáil. Let the Dáil decide whether or not they will come back. I am prepared to carry out my word on that matter.More Button

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