Johnson, Thomas

Thursday, 21 June 1923

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 3 No. 31

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That may be the intention, but what will be the lawyer's interpretation? Question put: “That the Dáil does not agree with the amendment to the Censorship of Films Bill passed by the Seanad.” Agreed. N...More Button


One does not like to take the responsibility of risking the non-passing of this Bill in time for the transfer to be effected, and I would like to have the assurance of the President in this matter tha...More Button

I suppose the power to call them together is not in the hands of the Minister, but possibly influence could be brought to bear to bring a quorum together to re-discuss this new section. It certainly ...More Button

I think nobody is going to dissent from the desire that the employed contributor shall be protected against any mal-administration or fault of any Society of which he is a member, and it may be that t...More Button

I move that the Dáil disagrees with the amendment sent down from the Seanad. I do so on the grounds that it is in its present form impracticable and will not affect the end desired, is not properly i...More Button


I will take the risk of moving that the discussion on this Vote be adjourned to allow the Minister responsible an opportunity of making a statement respecting the future policy of his Department, and ...More Button

If the Postmaster-General is prepared to make a statement then there is no necessity to have the motion pressed. The object of the motion was to ensure that the Postmaster-General would be in a posit...More Button

Per year?More Button

I think the Postmaster-General is to be congratulated on the statement that he has made, and I think he has shown wisdom in fully and clearly stating the position of the Post Office, in so far as he h...More Button


It does not directly affect the Estimate.More Button

Might I just draw attention to the fact that this matter of a general discussion on railway policy has been, by understanding, deferred pending the production of the arrangement with the railway compa...More Button

The whole position has surely been clearly stated by the Deputy, that Mr. Hunt, manager of the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway, was appointed under the powers of the Board of Works as the receive...More Button

To whom is he responsible for his management of the line?More Button

He is not the receiver of a bankrupt line; he is the receiver of a prosperous line.More Button

Your predecessors acted under the law you are still acting under.More Button

That is not the issue.More Button

Is it a much more more important issue than the proper management of a line? This manager, it is alleged, has used his power on one section of the line to the detriment of the people served by the ot...More Button

He is responsible to the Government for the proper management of the line.More Button

I do not think so. I think the President should give an assurance that he will inquire into the relations between this manager and the Government.More Button

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