Kennedy, Hugh

Wednesday, 5 December 1923

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 5 No. 18

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May I point out that the Bill, in Section 11, makes express provision enabling the redistribution of public services, and in a matter of this kind, which will probably require legislation, it would be...More Button

May I point out that the amendment, and the consequential amendment, would not have the effect of removing these roads from their present custodians. The only effect would be that they would remain a...More Button

There is no doubt that Deputy O'Connell put his finger on the spot when he said that co-ordination is the one necessity for education in this country. It is not merely a matter of co-ordination in pr...More Button

As regards the last point, the position in connection with the Universities is that they are corporations under Charter and are self-governing units. It is not proposed by the Bill to touch their aut...More Button

Might I suggest that this is one of a series of trial gallops in preparation for the great race which is to be run at 7 o'clock this evening, and that as it stands by itself, with this consequential ...More Button

In dealing with this amendment I should like to say, in the first place, as Deputy Figgis will admit, there is no such thing as a permanent Bill with a sovereign Parliament. Undoubtedly although this ...More Button

I am afraid there must be some loose thinking somewhere. Ministers are elected under the Constitution. Under this Bill particular Departments of administration will be assigned to them. At the begin...More Button

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