Bourke, Séamus Aloysius

Thursday, 6 December 1923

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 5 No. 19

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The duty of maintaining the roads in Cavan County devolves on the County Council, subject to the proposals put forward by the Rural District Councils. If any particular road is in a dangerous condit...More Button

If we find it necessary we will send down an Inspector.More Button


The reconstruction of railway bridges is not a matter which comes within the functions of the Ministry of Local Government. Some representations on the matter have been received, and the Ministry of ...More Button

It is a bridge that was put up by the Railway Company in consideration of getting the concession of changing the railway from one side of the river to the other.More Button

This bridge was put up by the Railway Company and maintained by the Railway Company, and I assume that they are responsible for remedying any damage.More Button

We have taken the steps I have mentioned.More Button

When they refuse, that question will arise.More Button

We have done so, through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. I answered that at first.More Button


I should like to get the remaining stages of the Bill now, as it would be well to get it through before the Christmas holidays if possible, as many important matters may arise on it.More Button

I move that the Bill be now taken for final consideration.More Button

Before I could give a final decision on this matter, I should have all the evidence before me. On the fact stated by the Deputy, I am very sympathetically inclined towards this attitude, and I intend...More Button

I understand this matter has been the subject of arbitration, and that will complicate the situation, and I do not know exactly what effect it will have.More Button

I move that the Bill do now pass. Agreed. Ordered—That the Bill be sent to the Seanad.More Button

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