O'Connell, Tomas

Monday, 7 July 1924

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 8 No. 6

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To discuss sub-head A.—Administration.More Button

I intended to discuss the general question, but under sub-head A.More Button

The Minister, in the course of his remarks this afternoon, made some observations which are likely to lead to misconception if left where they are at the moment. He spoke of the gap which divided the...More Button

Of course the difficulty always is to know what a “bias” is. Deputy Heffernan referred to the question of weights and measures. I do not know whether this is a matter for the Education Ministry or f...More Button

As regards subhead B, which deals with inspection, I would like to say a word or two. The inspectors are the direct link between the Department and those mainly engaged in the work of education, the ...More Button

There is one thing, however, to which sufficient attention cannot be directed. It is the question of what I might call the test of efficiency. It is an exceedingly difficult thing to get anything in...More Button

I was drawing attention to the great difficulty which exists in properly applying a test of efficiency to the schools under the varying conditions and to the temptation that exists, a temptation which...More Button


Might I explain that, as a matter of fact, the complaints reached me only within the last few days, and my object in mentioning them was to give the Minister an opportunity of saying what exactly is h...More Button

Deputy Hewat seems to be under the impression that we had not that kind of decentralisation he speaks of inasmuch as the inspectors are allocated to districts and remain in the various districts for s...More Button

As regards sub-head E the first thing, I suppose, that will be noticed is that there is a reduction under this sub-head of £314,000. That, of course, is due to matters which have been brought to the a...More Button

This deals with manual and practical instruction. In this connection I would like briefly to refer to the subject of practical instruction which was referred to by the Minister in his address on Thurs...More Button

I would like to say a few words in connection with the teaching of cookery, to which Deputy Magennis has referred. This is a matter upon which there is discussion as to the advisability of introducin...More Button

I think the explanatory note with reference to sub-head G. appears on page 176. It appears to me to be misplaced, but it does show that there are, as far as I can read the note, something like 1,600 ...More Button

I wish to explain. I did not claim any such right whatever for the teacher. I claimed only the right of occupation where he is the teacher of a school. When he ceases to be the teacher he ceases to...More Button

May I explain? The loan is not made to the teacher in the first place. The loan is made to the manager of the school as the representative of the locality. The loan is really made to the locality an...More Button

As to sub-head H, “Superannuation of Teachers,” I suppose it is only proper that at the end of the day we should now come to superannuation and pensions. I do not intend to deal with that matter as f...More Button

Our salaries were fixed on the same basis.More Button

I did not make that case.More Button

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