Heffernan, Michael Richard

Monday, 14 July 1924

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 8 No. 11

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I move amendment 1:— In Section 2, page 3, lines 36 and 43, after the word “cow-keepers” in each case to add the words “or the business of manufacturing butter from cream which has been separated by m...More Button

Well, I would not state in saecula saeculorum, but while the Dáil is here.More Button

The Minister misunderstands me. We can always pass legislation to take away the use of the word “creamery.”More Button

As I see it, there are four alternatives before us. I think that perhaps the best thing would be to discuss the origin of this amendment. I appreciate the Minister's idea, and the objection I see to...More Button

I am not desirous of pressing the amendment too far; but there are certain obstacles which I see involved in the Minister's intentions. Deputy Johnson has made the matter a little bit easier, and I t...More Button

I was glad to hear the Minister making the remark about the Dáil being here, about the passing of Bills and the bringing forward of complaints. That is one of the things people down the country who h...More Button

There are so many amendments on this particular subject.More Button

The Minister, instead of waiting for, should encourage the development of this kind of business.More Button

The cream gathering factory.More Button

I say that the Minister's obstacle may possibly have the effect of causing creameries already orthodox to change to this cream gathering system. In view of the fact that that is a possible developmen...More Button


I want to ask the Minister if this section as amended will mean that all the farms on which butter is made are subject to inspection?More Button

We do not take power in the Bill to inspect farmhouses which send their milk to the creameries. There is rather a curious anomaly there. You inspect farmhouses which make butter on the premises, but...More Button

I am not enamoured with this amendment as it stands. As I see it, it simply means that in the case of farmers where milk is supplied direct to the creamery there is no inspection except under the Pub...More Button

Yes, I am arguing wrongly, and I withdraw. Amendment put and agreed to.More Button

I am not quite sure that the amendment will meet the requirement, but I suppose if the Minister tells us it will it is all right. I cannot see a great deal of difference between “an adequate supply o...More Button

I do not wish to raise a difficulty about this matter, but I am not quite sure that the Minister's amendment will fulfil a useful purpose. How are you going to find out that the water is not good and ...More Button

That meets my point. Amendment, as amended, put and agreed to. Sitting suspended at 6.30 p.m. and was resumed at 7.20 p.m., An Leis Cheann Comhairle in the Chair.More Button

I am accepting the statement of the Minister that these are verbal amendments, but I only got the amendments half an hour before the Dáil met.More Button

I move amendment 14:— After Section 14 (1) (a), page 10, to insert a new paragraph as follows:— “a register (to be called and known as the register of gathered cream factories) in Saorstát Eireann of ...More Button

I ask leave to withdraw the amendment. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

As Amendment 23 which is in my name is consequential, I am not moving it. Amendment not moved.More Button

I do not like to allow this amendment to pass without saying something on it. I must say that the information available before the Special Committee on this matter was rather meagre. Since the Commi...More Button

I am in agreement with the Minister with regard to this matter, but there is one point I would like to draw his attention to. A certificate has been issued by a certain association in this country an...More Button

Does not the amendment, as it stands, state that if a man already possesses the certificate of the Ministry—by that I presume is meant the certificate of the Department of Agriculture—he is by right o...More Button

In the Committee Stage of the Bill I had an amendment down, to the corresponding section of the Bill as drafted, to the effect that while such licence is current no butter bearing the national mark sh...More Button

Am I to take it that the Minister has given a definite promise?More Button

I am not quite satisfied that this is right, because that would rule me out from putting down such an amendment.More Button

The Minister has given a promise, and I am sure he does not want to withdraw from his promise. I may not be here at the next stage.More Button

I do not know that I have.More Button

It was on Section 15. It will be Section 18 now, I think.More Button

I have given the amendment to the Minister. I agree with Deputy O'Sullivan. I am not speaking of butter which comes from another creamery, and which has the right to use the national mark.More Button

I might point out that the amendment, as it stands to-day, says: “or obtained from other premises similarly registered.” The amendment apparently implies that the licence to be granted is to take no ...More Button

I am in agreement with the Minister in regard to this matter. I think it is very necessary to have this provision, not so much because of the sanctity of contracts but I think it is an important matt...More Button

I rather support Deputy Johnson's view with a slight change. I believe that this amendment is necessary but I feel that the Ministry has arbitrary power under this clause. I would suggest to the Min...More Button

On this stage are we allowed to deal with the section?More Button

I am a little bit confused myself about this amendment. I think the wording of it is not very clear, and I find it difficult to understand it. I think that a simplification of the wording of the amen...More Button

I think Deputy Milroy's point and Deputy Johnson's point are much the same, and are also the same as the point that I want to make. I see what Deputy Milroy is coming at. He does not want to have ce...More Button

Sub-section (2) of amendment No. 35. I am talking of the amendment, not of the Bill. What I am trying to secure is that according to the Schedule there should be a minimum amount of machinery prescr...More Button

The manufacturing exporter is in a different classification from the creamery?More Button

There is a Schedule for each class?More Button

You could prescribe a general addition for the creameries and a general addition for the manufacturing exporters. I have no objection to that. What I have an obojection against is prescribing genera...More Button

I think we are practically at one as regards our intentions. I think few of our points vary.More Button

I agree with that amendment. It practically falls in with the ideas suggested by Farmer Deputies at the Special Committee Stage. The only thing I see is that the Minister “may by order make regulati...More Button

Yes, certainly.More Button

Yes.More Button

I am willing to move an amendment that the word “may” be deleted and the word “shall” substituted, and that the words “or any” be deleted also.More Button

I appreciate that.More Button

I ask An Ceann Comhairle and the Committee to be lenient with me, because we got the Bill only half an hour before the Dáil met, and we have not had time to study it properly. I would like to change ...More Button

I was rather hoping the Minister would meet us in the matter, because I did not wish to make this hard and fast. It is my idea to delete the word “may” in sub-section (1), clause (a) and clause (e), ...More Button

I do not think we could serve any useful purpose by discussing the matter any further. It could be done in another manner by making the two points I suggest part of the Act, and not subject to regul...More Button

That was my original amendment to the original Bill. The Minister did not accept the amendment, but he accepted the idea. He has rather avoided it by this power to make regulations. I always wanted ...More Button

The feeling of the House is not exactly in favour of my contention. I do not wish to prolong the discussion, and I am willing to withdraw my verbal amendment. I hope the Minister will make these reg...More Button

I do not think that would mean anything more than a pious hope of the Minister.More Button

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