Johnson, Thomas

Thursday, 26 March 1925

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 10 No. 18

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I quite understand the difficulty of answering a question of that kind orally, but it seems to me that the necessity for an answer to this question, and to previous questions, was obvious in view of t...More Button

I thought, perhaps, the Minister might be able to get copies of it neostyled and circulated to Deputies.More Button


I move the amendments. Amendment 2 proposes to delete all the words after the word “treason”; that is to say, that after the words “shall be guilty of treason” there follow the words which I propose t...More Button

I think I might have the opportunity if the section is to be put as a whole to say a word or two.More Button

I would prefer the amendments to be put. Amendments 2, 3, and 4 put.More Button

I beg to move:—“In page 3 to delete Section 2, lines 1 to 12, inclusive.” The amendment proposes the deletion of a section which imposes a sentence of five years' imprisonment for felony. Any person...More Button

Those are the words of the section, “liable to.”More Button

Will the Minister alter it to one month?More Button

“The greater includes the less,” is all that the Minister is saying now.More Button

I move:— In page 3, Section 3, to delete all words after the word “duty,” line 45, down to and including the word “duty,” line 46. The reason I put forward for the deletion of those words is that the ...More Button

I would like to have some information from the Minister as to the effect of this amendment and as to what it is intended to embrace. I quite understand the desirability of not allowing to exist any ...More Button

Would the Minister say whether he has considered the necessity, the desirability at least, before this Bill becomes law, of defining in some way the term “military force.” The question was raised on ...More Button

I beg to move:— In page 4, Section 7 (a), to delete lines 51 to 54, inclusive.More Button

They come within the definition?More Button

I do, certainly.More Button

Why do you prohibit them? Is it not because you assume secret societies are undesirable organisations that you prohibit them from membership?More Button

The prohibition proposed by the Minister does not merely prohibit secret societies in the police force, or in the army, but it prohibits secret societies having amongst their members a policeman or a...More Button

That the secret society is a body that should not contain soldiers?More Button

That is because secret societies are undesirable bodies.More Button

Would the Minister give us the evidence he has in his dossier?More Button

No. It is consequential.More Button

I beg to move:— “To delete the words ‘and seditious’ from the Title.”More Button

On the main question I suppose there will be a certain number of Deputies in the House who will have compared the Bill as originally introduced with the Bill that has now reached its Fourth Stage. I ...More Button

He was had, as my friend Deputy Corish says. He took the girl home to be his wife.More Button

And, as one may say, on the Report Stage, he found that his handsome lady was minus a leg, had false teeth——More Button

Yes, and glass eyes. He found, too, that her beautiful bust had been padded. When all the appurtenances thereof had been removed, he had a different impression. The same applies to this Bill, and on...More Button

Yes. Many of the teeth have gone; a wooden leg replaces the original one. Considering that the Minister was prepared to boast and brag about the original Bill, I have no doubt that he looks with sor...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button


I would like to know what is the intention of the Minister with regard to this Bill. It was first arranged that there should be, following this motion, a further motion respecting the Fourth and Fift...More Button


I am astonished to hear Deputy Sears. I thought that he would have been tempted, of all men, to oppose this Bill. I was really surprised to find that he was the first member of the House to praise i...More Button

The British Government could promise any holder of Chinese stock that it would guarantee Chinese stock and the Chinese Government could not interfere. We, no doubt, would be quite powerless and helpl...More Button

This is not confined to untenanted land. They did not receive lump sums for their rights in the land. They are to receive annual sums, and I submit that this State will be in a position, and will fu...More Button

I think the Minister himself. I will not be too confident of that. It certainly has been publicly stated that there was an arrangement made at the time of the Treaty negotiations that land purchase...More Button

The Minister says that I made that point. Certainly I did. I cannot say who made the particular reference, but it was made. I am quite clear as to having read it. That is a minor point. If it is o...More Button

Collectively and individually.More Button

Is that subject to Article V of the Treaty?More Button

I suggest it is necessary to clear up the position in regard to that. There is a projected financial re-arrangement or understanding, or a clearing up under the provisions of the Treaty. The obligat...More Button

The relevancy of it is quite clear. The Minister made the point that we are bound to the British Government for a continuous annual payment of land stock interest. We are, until a settlement takes p...More Button

It depends on the settlement. The re-arrangement, whatever it may be, will not, we contend, mean henceforth an annual payment to the British Exchequer.More Button

Would it be any disadvantage if we asked the British Government to guarantee the Shannon scheme?More Button

Will the Minister show us how?More Button

Will the Minister say at what point it has happened that the Government and the Parliament of Saorstát Eireann entered into this kind of contract with the British Government?More Button

Will the Minister point out at what stage and in what manner, the Parliament and Government of Saorstát Eireann entered into a pact with the British Government in respect to any financial matter equiv...More Button

Then if a man inherits a disease, I suppose he has to take another disease upon him?More Button

Exactly.More Button

Why do not they carry it out?More Button

Why need we come into it?More Button

Not all of it.More Button

Give it to him.More Button

Financially, not politically.More Button

I want to ask the Minister if, in his reply, he would indicate shortly the effect that is intended to be brought about by the deletions of the old Act and the substitutions? It is not easy to underst...More Button

I would just like to ask the Minister would any delay in the passing of this Bill affect the putting into operation the Land Act of 1923?More Button

Would that affect putting into operation, under the Land Act of 1923, the division of land?More Button

Why has there been so much delay in the bringing forward of this Bill?More Button

They made certain conditions.More Button

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