Good, John

Wednesday, 1 July 1925

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 12 No. 17

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During the time one has had the privilege of being a member of this House one has heard many discussions on this interesting problem of unemployment, but during all these discussions very little infor...More Button

I am asked what my proposal is. May I first of all state the case as one sees it, and then we will be better able to understand what is the best way of meeting it. The Minister for Industry and Com...More Button

Let me explain. I will not deal with it. The Deputy can deal with the point if he wishes. I do not want to take up too much of the time of the House. He can deal with these points, but there are c...More Button

I would like the Deputy to lay more stress on the causes which brought about the high cost of living in the Free State. On that we will have a discussion on another day.More Button

I was not going to confine myself to this question of the wages in the Free State being in excess of what they are in Great Britain. Unfortunately, the railways are compelled to adopt conditions in th...More Button

You apply to these the same conditions as you apply to one of the leading metropolitan lines in London, where hundreds of trains pass through a certain station in a day.More Button

But to apply to a little station in the West of Ireland the same conditions which you would apply to one of these great railway stations in Great Britain is really an absurdity.More Button

I am sorry to be worrying the Deputy so much, but to get at the bottom of these problems it is necessary occasionally to bring out these home truths. I am not bringing out this particular case with t...More Button

When that trade was driven out of the city and thousands were left unemployed, I say it is unfair to come to the Government and demand from them either employment or the dole.More Button

Where was the responsibility on the part of the Government for the fact that large numbers of people were left unemployed in that particular case?More Button

I pass from that to another aspect of the question.More Button

In the different proposals brought before us by the Government in the Budget and in other ways, their endeavour has been, and I admit it is an honest endeavour, to try and get additional industries st...More Button

Are these charges for labour high in the city of Dublin? In my own trade, and I have spoken of it more than once in this House——More Button

And I will speak about it again, because I like speaking of things I know something about. In my own trade I have spoken of the rate of wages, and I will have something to say about it again this aft...More Button

In my own trade I stated more than once, and if my statement was inaccurate it should be challenged, that the rates of wages paid in that particular industry are the highest in Europe. But they are n...More Button

If the Government had its way, I am quite sure it would like to see all those engaged in that industry getting a reasonable wage. We all like to see that. May I say as an employer I want to see a ma...More Button

As I said, I do not want to see any man not get as much as he earns, but I do want to see that what he gets is earned. Now, in connection with these high charges on the one side, one would not compl...More Button

Are the numbers of hours worked in the west eight hours, divided over a long period?More Button

The whole story is coming out.More Button

What rate would the same porter get at Holyhead?More Button

And how much would he get here?More Button

There is an excess here, so it could not be higher at Holyhead.More Button

Then Kingsbridge is higher than Holyhead.More Button

I do not like to interrupt the Deputy, but his statement is not quite accurate. The works referred to were closed for twelve months, and in order that they might be re-opened and have a chance of con...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

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