Mulcahy, Richard James

Friday, 3 July 1925

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 12 No. 19

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I move:—“That Section 1 stand part of the Bill.” It is arranged that this Bill will be construed with reference to the Shop Hours Act, 1912. I am informed legally that it simply covers the question ...More Button

I move:—“That Section 2 stand part of the Bill.” It simply specifies certain areas around Dublin to which the Act will be applied. Question put and agreed to. SECTION 3. Save as hereinafter provided ...More Button

It is from seven-thirty to eight-thirty you mean.More Button

Deputy Hennessy will convey a wrong impression if it is thought this is making a start with something. This is proposing to put into the form of legislation an agreement which has worked satisfactori...More Button

I go for haircutting. It does happen, and it will happen, that people think of going to a drapery shop at 9.30 p.m. on a Saturday, but the whole tendency has been, in the interest of public order and ...More Button

Only 128 of the names on this list have been examined, and of these, 94 do not come within the terms of the Bill, because they do not employ assistants. The Bill affects 1,033 shops, employing 3,810 ...More Button

I have no list calling for the Bill. As I have said, the organised drapers and the organised workers have come together, as they did four years ago, owing to the difficulty of working the Shops Act o...More Button

There was a deliberate interference with the liberty of the subject when the Shop Hours Act of 1912 was passed, giving powers to local bodies to close down certain trades at certain hours.More Button

This is particularly for Deputy Gorey's benefit. Employers and employees desiring to close drapery houses at 10 o'clock on Saturday night had to work six years to get it done by means of the machinery...More Button

That two years, after that six years' struggle, they came together again and decided that the larger of them would close at 6.30 on Saturday evening and the less large at 7.30. They have carried on t...More Button

I am sorry that there should be disagreement between myself and Deputy Hennessy, but I cannot accept his suggestion of 8 o'clock. I think if the Deputy looks into the matter he will see that the acc...More Button

The agreement has been denied by people who turn round in a list like this. If Deputy Hennessy would turn to 20 in the B list and to 2 in the H list, he will find the names are the same. If he turns...More Button

They are in your list of 204, that you call 250.More Button

I have given the numbers there. Amendment put. The Committee divided: Tá, 20; Níl, 22. TáMore Button


I handed in a motion dealing with the suspension of the Standing Order to enable the Fourth and Fifth Stages to be taken on Tuesday. But if we do not meet for the transaction of business on Tuesday I...More Button

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