McGilligan, Patrick

Wednesday, 16 December 1925

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 13 No. 20

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I move:—More Button

An order, I think.More Button

Is it not implied in the last three lines?More Button

What is profiteering?More Button

Charging over what? Where is your standard?More Button

Exactly.More Button

I thought that the debate which was about to ensue on this motion would have given some direction to the tribunal as to the line it might follow, but I am afraid when the tribunal get the report of th...More Button

I admit that that is a danger, but I am only balancing the freedom as against possible results. If there appears to be difficulty in coming to definite conclusions it will be for the Dáil and Seanad t...More Button

I am quite agreeable to do that if the House desires, but there are two parties apparently in the House in this matter. One says the resolution is far too wide and it ought to be limited, and the oth...More Button

I am aware that the difficulty the Food Council found themselves in on the other side was that they could not have produced certain documents they required. They afterwards got these powers.More Button

I presume that is so. The Food Council in England were met by a refusal from bakers to produce books for inspection. They got over the difficulty by threatening to publish the names of the people on...More Button

That had all been considered presumably when the Act was passed. I am moving to avail of that Act, and give the tribunal all the powers it gives them. With regard to the remark about the production ...More Button

I think that would be a proper kind of tribunal, with the addition of two or three people, either because of their interest in this matter, or because of some special qualification which individuals m...More Button

I cannot imagine putting anybody on this tribunal who will not have a dual capacity, because everybody will be a consumer. Suggestions have been made with regard to the tribunal. I have not moved to...More Button

Well I think it is a matter of one calculation against the other. I think at the moment it is better to see what can be got from this; if sufficient evidence can be brought before the tribunal to mak...More Button

Deputy Lyons suggested that the committees in each town should have some authority to punish people for what he called profiteering. I asked him what was profiteering, and was given the answer “overch...More Button

I do not know. I think the only effect would be that you would have a certain amount of publicity. As regards the suggestion made by Deputy Doyle, I have already shown that I do not take his object l...More Button

That is one of the kind of matters that would come before this Committee of Inquiry, but how is that type of case, a glaring one of that kind, going to be tackled by the Gárda or the local authorities...More Button

I am not, and I do not know that I would have any power to do it. I could, I suppose, move for legislation for the purpose. What I am prepared to do now is to let this tribunal consider and report a...More Button

Deputy Hewat put the point, and I stressed it, that if after hearing the evidence and spending a lot of time upon it we simply come to the conclusion that there is a question of too many distributors,...More Button

Undoubtedly there are other causes. I am simply putting it as a matter of fact that the food council on the other side sat, after the Royal Commission on prices had issued a report on a particular da...More Button

I think that that is so, but people would be rash to conclude from that fact alone that there is profiteering here, or at least undue profit made here. They must remember that the cost of distributio...More Button

I think so. One result will be that this Commission will teach people to know that the thing is not so simple as they imagine.More Button

Take the question of publicity, and the showing up of people. I think there was a great indictment framed in the report of the committee on which Deputy Hewat and Deputy Sir James Craig sat, of one p...More Button

I have not. I say it would be very useful in getting a considerable amount of information, and I do not despair of getting from this tribunal some indication as to a practical method for a reduction ...More Button

The amendment then is to add in line 5 after the words “retail prices” the words “wholesale prices if necessary,” and further to amend the resolution by putting in in the second last line, after the w...More Button


How much?More Button

Why not make it £5,000,000?More Button

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