O'Shaughnessy, Andrew

Thursday, 22 April 1926

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 15 No. 3

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The introduction of the Budget is an annual stocktaking, and gives an opportunity of examining the country's position— what has been done and how it has been done, so that we may be able to do better...More Button

The remark and the force of it are lost on the man who makes it. The West Britons and those opposed to Irish national freedom are never tired of dwelling on the slight improvement in such industries ...More Button

I am very glad Deputy Cooper has pat that question. The price that the Irish miller or that any other miller sells his flour at has no direct connection with the price of bread. You have to remember,...More Button

We all need the mantle of charity now and again, and I am not so quick to throw stones as other Deputies.More Button

My conscience is all right. There is nothing on it, thank God. In passing, I may say that I agree with Deputy Cooper that bread is altogether too dear. The price is too high for the loaf, and I say...More Button

Some of us do, but it is in the interests of fashion and being up-to-date. This woollen industry survived the oppression and neglect of a foreign Government, and now under the fostering care of a nat...More Button

Why do you not examine them? It is your business to do it.More Button

The time to consider it is before the mills are gone.More Button

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