Hewat, William

Tuesday, 27 April 1926

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 15 No. 5

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The Minister's reply to this amendment opens up rather an undesirable vista of irresponsibility. The amendment before us seeks to provide that a person shall not be appointed to a particular post if h...More Button

In this we are dealing with assumptions. Is the Minister right in assuming that the attraction of the public service, as represented by this post of registrar, will not produce, in the solicitors' pr...More Button

Does the Minister intend to leave the matter over for consideration?More Button

Is not the term “informer” in this particular case rather an objectionable way of expressing what happens? Certain bodies have a right of prosecuting and they become informers. They are not really i...More Button

Does not that rather open up a very large question of giving general powers of administration? This House may not realise how far-reaching those powers may be. From the Minister's explanation it woul...More Button

Would the Minister make some safeguard for the people on the Report Stage? I think every Deputy here has a difficulty in this matter, because of the fact that it is a technical matter and of our want...More Button

It might take the form of compensation. A person might be entitled to compensation for something taken away from him. I quite agree with the Minister that the whole system is rather out-of-date and ...More Button

Yes, but the Minister for Finance is going to gain money by it.More Button

My objection is to sub-section (1) in that case.More Button

I would ask the Minister in connection with sub-section (1) to recognise that, for instance, where there is inter-departmental transfer of funds that there is not going to be any objection, but where ...More Button

Is the Minister not asking the House to do an extraordinary thing? It now appears that in Section 43 the Minister wants to establish a principle whereby the House is to wipe away something that they ...More Button

I am not saying it. I am only trying to develop the point that my ignorance is colossal on this subject on which I am asked to vote. We are asked to vote on an important section of this Bill without ...More Button

In the meantime the Minister, I hope, will consider the question of safeguarding anybody who might be affected under this section.More Button

I should like to suggest to the mover of the amendment that he should postpone it for another generation. By that time, probably, the amendment will be practicable. At the present time—I admit it wi...More Button

Did I mention that?More Button

Is the Deputy competent to know what I implied?More Button


The Minister comes with a Bill to continue in operation the transition arrangements that have been brought about in Dublin and Cork. I do not think that anybody will appreciate more than business men...More Button

The Minister should recognise that there is such a thing as creating a public opinion.More Button

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