Heffernan, Michael Richard

Thursday, 6 May 1926

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 15 No. 11

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asked the Minister for Finance if he is aware that an award for £10 was made by the Indemnity Committee to Mr. Edward Spearman, of Graigue, Poulnamucka, Clonmel, for a bullock seized in the interim pe...More Button

Would the Minister say if it is not a fact that this gentleman was allowed to bring forward his claim in court, that the claim was heard in court by the judge without demur and a decree granted, and ...More Button

asked the Minister for Finance if he will state whether the claims of Mr. Patrick Walsh, junior, of Ballymacadam, Cahir, Mr. J. J. Mason, Gormanstown, Ardfinnan, and others in the same district, for c...More Button


asked the Minister for Justice if he is aware that on the occasion of the shooting of John J. Murphy by troops of the National Army in August, 1924, at Killenaule, Co. Tipperary, an officer and a sol...More Button


What about the Government and protection?More Button

As we are still dealing with the question of general policy, I desire to say with reference to the Guards——More Button

I want to deal with the general question of policy.More Button

I want to go on the lines dealt with by Deputies Baxter and Doyle, with reference to the general question of policy.More Button

The action of the Guards with regard to prosecutions and crime.More Button

Is that the increase over 1914?More Button

Can you give the increase for 1914?More Button

Deputy Hewat says that there is a definite, decisive demand from the public for a reduction of expenditure. I believe there is, and it is because of that that I feel it is a demand which is justified...More Button

Deputy Wilson puts down a very moderate and reasonable amendment and that is met by a very strong argument to show that it is inadvisable to carry out Deputy Wilson's suggestion in regard to the reduc...More Button

That is an increase of one hundred and fifty per cent. Where it was 100 it is now 250. Other things have to be taken into account in regard to the Gárda, such as the youthfulness of the whole force a...More Button

Another thing which must be taken into account in regard to the cost of the police is the extreme burden which the country has to bear because of the police who have left the country. In pensions to ...More Button

Or Northern Ireland if you like—regardless of the capacity of the people to meet them. With regard to Northern Ireland, when the Minister of Finance there is in difficulties about his special constabu...More Button


I regret that this Vote has come on at an inauspicious moment, as far as my Party is concerned. Some of the leading members of the Party had previously arranged to attend a very important lecture to...More Button

I intend to propose the amendment which stands in my name:— “That the Vote be reduced by £1,300,000.” I arrived at that figure by deciding in my own mind what Army would be sufficient for the requirem...More Button

—as with an army of 13,000 men, because I believe that in the event of an outbreak of war the fighting will be such that an army of the size which we are maintaining in this country, or an army of any...More Button

One thousand seven hundred and three men. There is a very much larger available auxiliary force, but there are only 1,703 men in the Australian Army and 1,900 other ranks. That gives a total of som...More Button

The figures I have got are taken from a standard work of reference, but I will quote from the speech made by a Deputy in this House last year in which the total armed forces of Australia was given as ...More Button

Not permanent.More Button

I had the figure written down in bad writing, which I did not read properly. It is 1,703, permanent force, of all ranks. The others are some form of militia or auxiliary force not permanent. I thi...More Button

Does the Minister question my figures with regard to South Africa and Canada?More Button

Canada has 3,500 men, permanent and non-permanent; she has 761 officers and 93,000 other ranks.More Button

Mounted police are not military forces; they are police forces.More Button

On the circumstances we have to decide whether we are to maintain an army of this size. If it can be proved to the satisfaction of the House that we ought to maintain it, I am sure the House will give...More Button

I should like to understand from the President if he refers to anyone inside the House or whether he refers to outside forces.More Button

These are my figures also.More Button

It was not so random as the Minister's estimate of the Australian forces.More Button

I wish to reply on my amendment. I do not wish to have the amendment put to the House at this hour, and I accordingly move the adjournment of the debate. Ordered: That progress be reported; the Commi...More Button

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