Heffernan, Michael Richard

Tuesday, 8 June 1926

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 16 No. 6

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I move amendment 3, which stands in my name and in the name of Deputy Baxter. The amendment is as follows:— In sub-section (2) to delete all words from the word “decided,” line 17, to the end of the...More Button

In view of the amendments put down by the Minister, and in view of the power he is giving to local authorities with regard to appointments, I ask leave to withdraw the amendment. Amendment, by leave,...More Button

I think the Minister must have a very bad idea of local councils, and I think the local councils will not thank him for the reputation he has given them here to-day. A lot has been said about local c...More Button

My view of the amendment of Deputy Baxter is that it is the keystone of the Bill, and the whole principle of the Bill depends on the acceptance or the non-acceptance of that amendment. The Minister h...More Button

Or that some future Government may not appoint their own henchmen, or some future Minister for Local Government appoint his own henchmen, under this Bill?More Button

Well, the Executive Council, acting on the Minister's advice, will appoint. I want to say that as our public boards are constituted at present it would be a difficult thing to bribe, say, the majorit...More Button

The Minister says that the local authority would be the worst qualified body to select such men. I say that the local authority is the best qualified body and the only body to do that. You have thr...More Button

The local authority. The Minister gave us the ridiculous example of one man getting 100 per cent. more than another. Of course that is a thing that could not happen. A great deal of capital has bee...More Button


I want to refer to the rural industries. During the previous debate on this Estimate I spoke upon this matter. I would like to know if the Minister has in any way followed up the suggestions I then ...More Button

I believe there are great openings for certain specialised forms of products which can be made in rural districts in the Saorstát in connection with these developments. In the United States, I unders...More Button

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