Morrissey, Daniel

Tuesday, 16 November 1926

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 17 No. 1

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Has the Minister any scheme to recommend to the Executive Council that will give relief to the unemployed during the coming winter?More Button

Will the Minister answer the question I put to him?More Button

I asked the Minister whether he had any scheme to recommend to the Executive Council which would give relief to the unemployed during the coming winter. The Minister has not answered that question.More Button

The unemployment insurance benefit that is being paid and the schemes which are in operation are not sufficient to give relief to two-thirds of the unemployed.More Button

Have you any information as to the number of unemployed?More Button


Am I to understand that the Minister has been considering this matter, and considering it sympathetically, and that the only reason why the Bill is not ready is that there will not be time?More Button


Does the Minister consider that it was not necessary to enforce those powers when you had people charging 2d. and 2½d. a sod for turf in the city of Dublin?More Button

Why did you not stop it?More Button

Why should people pay 1/6 for it if they could get it for 4d.?More Button

Is the Minister aware that the supply of turf in the country this year has been more plentiful than for very many years past? In view of that fact, does the Minister not think it was wrong to allow t...More Button

The Minister interrupted Deputy Norton when he was speaking and put several questions to him. I have put a question to the Minister now and he has refused to answer it.More Button

They could be kept at a certain level.More Button

Before the Minister leaves that point, he has been dealing with profiteering in coal and turf in the city. and he has talked about the difficulty of getting at the person who first sold the turf. I...More Button

My point is that if the Minister's Department was doing its duty in this matter he would have information not only from Dublin, but from every town showing what was happening with regard to fuel, but ...More Button

If you were without fuel you would have moved in the matter.More Button

Perhaps if I told the Minister I did feel the pinch, he might not believe me.More Button

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