O'Higgins, Kevin Christopher

Tuesday, 1 March 1927

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 18 No. 11

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No; redundancy has to be established in the first instance.More Button

Who gave the Deputy to understand that?More Button

I hope the Deputy will.More Button


I am open to consider any suggestion from the Deputy, or any Deputy, but I have not much hope myself that I could arrive at a satisfactory definition. I think it is eminently a matter that should be ...More Button

It is a term really used in the Police Forces Amalgamation Act and in other Acts as covering the area served by the Metropolitan Division of the Police. It is not the city area.More Button

Yes. It is the area formerly served by the Dublin Metropolitan Police and now served by the Dublin Metropolitan Division of the Gárda Síochána.More Button

Yes.More Button

It is the strictly correct expression. It is taken from the Local Government Act of 1898.More Button

Will the Deputy read Section 3, sub-section (1), paragraph (a)?More Button

Might I suggest, as a matter of order, that the Deputy ought to be allowed to tell us himself what he is driving at?More Button

I would agree to that.More Button

What we are really discussing is whether the word “ten” stand in line 29, Section 2, Sub-section (1). Deputy Redmond's amendment No. 1 is, I suppose, not strictly before the House, but I would like t...More Button

I think if the Deputy will burn a little more midnight oil on it he will find I am right.More Button

If the amendment were passed it would mean that there was no provision at all for hours of sale in county boroughs on any week day or Saturday.More Button

“Save as is otherwise provided by this Act, it shall not be lawful”——More Button

——“for any person in any county borough to sell or expose for sale,” and so on.More Button

No, on any ordinary week day.More Button

Leaving no provision for the sale of intoxicating liquor on any week day or Saturday.More Button

I am pointing out how fortunate it is that we are discussing the deletion of the word “ten.”More Button

I submit, sir, that they are even more so. On this question of 10 o'clock opening as against 9 o'clock opening I have not very much to say. The present hours are in the county boroughs from 9 a.m. t...More Button

We will attend to that.More Button

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