O'Kelly, Seán T.

Wednesday, 23 November 1927

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 21 No. 17

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Cuirimse os cómhair na Dála an leas-rún so.—“In page 2 to delete lines 31 to 35 inclusive.” Although most of us object to certain principles that are adhered to in this Bill, we may take it that in d...More Button

I certainly do not. If there was mismanagement that gentleman for three or four years before the abolition was primarily responsible. I must say in regard to the President of the Executive Council tha...More Button

My words are very clear, and I do not think I mentioned members of the Executive Council, good, bad or indifferent.More Button

You can think what you like.More Button

My words are there for anybody to read. My statement was definite and clear, I believe.More Button

That suggestion was made, and it certainly is in the back of my mind. It may be because these people are long-sighted and wanted the Municipal Council out of the way, because they could get a renewal...More Button

Perhaps he had. I do not know, and I hope you had. To my mind, judging by experience, it should not have been done in order to secure better municipal management because in the last few years, looki...More Button

If the citizens of Dublin were in control of the city, which they are not owing to the Local Elections Act, that sort of “codology” would not be tolerated. We have our own ideas of beauty here and we...More Button

Are the French beauties relevant?More Button

You are a good judge.More Button

Might I ask the question I should have asked, but which Deputy Lemass mentioned, that is with reference to the refusal of the Commissioners to allow the remains of the late Madame Markievicz to be, fo...More Button

On that motion, cannot Deputy MacEntee discuss the question of principle that he raised.More Button

Can a question of detail be raised now?More Button

What can be discussed now?More Button


Níl mórán agam le rá ach a chur os cómhair na Dála an rud do thárla nuair a bhí Rialtas Shasana anso. Tá fhios agam nuair a chur an Rialtas sin iachall ar a shearbhontaigh mionn do thógaint go raibh ...More Button

The director of publicity ought to know.More Button

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