Heffernan, Michael Richard

Thursday, 10 May 1928

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 23 No. 11

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The full amount of the Vote for the financial year is £2,425,555 representing a decrease on last year's Vote of £54.370. Net revenue is estimated at £1,755,560, showing a nominal deficit of £669,995 ...More Button

The statement is rather lengthy and I am afraid that I have been inclined to take it rather too quickly. It will be seen that letter mail matter yields a profit while the other services are conducted...More Button

I do not wish to delay too long.More Button

It will be noted that the number of articles delivered in all cases exceeds the number posted which indicates that a larger number of foreign-posted matter enters this country than goes out. The post...More Button

The Deputy, I think, misunderstands the figures I quoted. The £299,000 quoted was a gain on the letter postal service. It is not a revenue at all. It is the excess of revenue over expenditure.More Button

Since then there was a change made in the rates charged.More Button

Perhaps I might point out there is no separate sub-head for telephones in the rural districts.More Button

Not particularly. The various costs are combined under the general heading.More Button


Does the Deputy wish to know the loss last year?More Button

The accounts have not yet been audited by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, but the estimated loss for last year is £362,000.More Button

I think that the Deputy must be quoting Deputy Flinn's figures. The estimated loss, as read out, for the year 1928-29 is £329,000. You may subtract from that the revenue which would accrue because of...More Button

The question of air mails is shown in E 4, and the amount of £30 under that item is only for the charges which we might be called upon to pay in regard to mails which might be sent from this country d...More Button

With regard to the statement I made, I thought it desirable to make a rather elaborate statement, because I believe that the people of the country, and particularly Deputies, should have an understand...More Button

Perhaps the Deputy will allow me to finish. The Deputy took it that the difference between the estimated expenditure and the estimated revenue meant an actual loss to the Post Office, and he did not ...More Button

We at least had the courage of our convictions when we believed that savings could be made. We were a very small Party, with very limited resources at our disposal, but we faced the problem and we put...More Button

Deputy Lemass's criticism was at least an attempt to face the facts and to deal with certain figures. He confined himself principally to general figures which, in reducing expenditure, would be of ve...More Button

It was never a paying proposition in this country.More Button

I am dealing with the figures from 1922 on. The original loss was £42,000. That loss subsequently decreased to £3,000, but when the old telephone charges were decreased in 1925 and the new charges s...More Button

The loss on Press telegrams is about £19,000 a year. A good deal of the loss is due to the fact that there is a surplus of incoming Press telegrams from outside places. It has to be considered wheth...More Button

The Deputy is aware that there is a specially low rate for the Press, and he may if he likes regard that as a concession to a large consumer. Telegraphy has been quickened and improved by the Creed a...More Button

I cannot deal with details like that. The Deputy will have to put down a question or write to me about it.More Button

I cannot deal with every detail like that, as I have not the information at my disposal.More Button

The Deputy also mentioned something about a telephone removal and asserted that there was some fault on the part of the Post Office. That is a matter of detail which I cannot deal with without having...More Button

If the standard of efficiency is not better than the Deputy's knowledge of figures, it is not very high. Deputy Redmond referred to the status of the Waterford staff and mentioned that the staff is g...More Button

The Deputy did not say that that was the policy of his Party. He did not say if his Party are standing behind that policy. If they are, they ought to say it. So far as any tangible contribution to ...More Button

Deputy Hogan (Clare) referred to the Telephone Directory and the advisability of not having it in its present alphabetical form, but in circumscribed areas. As a matter of fact, the Directory did exi...More Button

And if he were put in charge he would bring about these wonderful changes that he suggested would take place.More Button

Deputy MacEntee by implication is trying to make capital out of certain recent changes that took place. For the information of Deputies on the other side of the House, I wish to say that the principa...More Button

It is extremely difficult to deal with amateur economists who have not gone to the trouble of looking up the figures. The Deputy in effect is comparing two things not comparable. He is comparing the...More Button

You cannot compare the estimates, as I pointed out, of expenditure, less revenue, less certain other adjustments for certain departments, with the commercial accounts. You must examine the commercial ...More Button

I think the Deputy should withdraw that. I want no protection of that kind except against disorder.More Button


The full amount of the Vote for the Broadcasting Service for the current financial year is £27,355—a reduction of £1,700 on the amount voted last year. Expenditure last year was £29,050 and receipts ...More Button

This is hardly the time for questions. As a rule publication in final form of the Post Office commercial accounts takes place about eighteen months after the close of the year. The accounts have to ...More Button

No.More Button

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