Hayes, Michael

Friday, 30 November 1928

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 27 No. 9

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Will the Deputy suggest the date when the Second Stage will be taken?More Button

Shall we say the 20th February? Of course, the Second Stage will be taken in Private Deputies' time.More Button


Deputy O'Hanlon is not moving his motion to-day, and therefore we may assume that public business will not be interrupted at 12 o'clock. Ordered Accordingly.More Button


Is the President making that motion now?More Button

What business is it proposed to take to-day?More Button

Does the President propose to take first the motion for the adjournment of the Dáil or the proposed business?More Button

Will the Deputy sit down.More Button

I wonder what is the meaning of a point of information?More Button

If somebody else made that remark in reference to Deputy Cassidy, I am sure he would rise to a point of order, and rise very passionately. Does the Deputy consider that kind of language should be ban...More Button


The President to conclude. Is there any objection?More Button

This is simply a motion that the Dáil stands adjourned till February 20th. It is my view, although it cannot be regarded as a Standing Order binding upon this House, that a motion to adjourn over a p...More Button

I do not know whether Deputies would agree that the President should get what time he wants to conclude, and that the division should be before half-past one. That would allow time for the other items...More Button

I am afraid that amendment is late now. It would not make any difference. We would have to get a decision upon this matter.More Button

An amendment of that kind to the motion would not be of very much value for the reason, that if the motion for the adjournment is defeated the House adjourns until Tuesday next, that being the ordinar...More Button

That, of course, could be done. I am not precluding that. But in order that we may have no difficulty later on can we not decide now what we are going to do? How many Deputies desire to speak? Mr. ...More Button

And put the question before 2 o'clock. This is one of the questions which, by its very nature, must be put to the House before 2 o'clock, because if the Chair were to withhold its consent to the Clos...More Button

We must know what we are going to decide. I am not deciding anything myself beyond this; that it is quite clear that the motion should be put to the House.More Button

If the President speaks now will the House take a decision after he finishes and concludes the debate?More Button

No, no. There have been four speakers from the Government Benches, eight from the Fianna Fáil Benches, six from the Labour Benches, and one from the Independents.More Button

If we had four more speeches of three minutes each would that be sufficient?More Button

There is no use in asking me about a supplementary vote.More Button

We must decide this question to-day.More Button

We must decide this question to-day whether it is a matter of life and death or not.More Button

The minute is nearly up.More Button

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