Ryan, James

Friday, 19 April 1929

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 29 No. 6

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The Parliamentary Secretary in introducing this Estimate, as far as I could understand his explanation, said that it was inadvisable to proceed more quickly with vesting. He gave us to understand tha...More Button

Perhaps he did not say that exactly so that we will have to leave it so. At any rate, the Parliamentary Secretary gave me the impression that it was more important to keep the members of the staff o...More Button

I do, of course, make it seriously. If we are going to have estimates indicating that the Land Commission anticipate that a bigger number of holdings will be put up for sale, and that there will be m...More Button

The question was put to the Parliamentary Secretary a second time, and I thought that that was what he said.More Button

Fifty per cent. are employed on vesting, and the other fifty per cent. on other matters?More Button

Well, as I do not know the exact figures, I cannot discuss that point further. I think the Parliamentary Secretary also said yesterday—and it was quoted in to-day's paper—that over £10,000,000 had be...More Button

I know that, but anyone reading that would get the impression that under the 1923 Act £10,000,000 had been spent on land purchase; that is, that the Land Commission had done, roughly, one-third of the...More Button

The fact is that under the 1923 Act, although it has been in operation for almost six years, the amount issued in land bonds is only a little over £4,000,000, whereas the amount that it was anticipate...More Button

I see. He went on to say that some of the tenants are not very good payers. I do not know if he includes in that category his own recommendations. He said, further, that it is not good policy to gi...More Button

I think so. If, say, a man with a hundred acres of good grazing is able to finish off twenty-five or thirty bullocks in the year, I do not see why a man with twenty acres of good grazing should not f...More Button

Well, I saw bullocks in my time. What is more, I have seen certain figures, and I do not agree that the bullocks are bringing this country £20,000,000 a year. For instance, last year our total expor...More Button

It is, perhaps, necessary for the leader of the Farmers' Party to make some such statement in order to explain to the farmers his attitude on this matter of their having to continue to pay this ten pe...More Button

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