Hogan, Patrick

Thursday, 16 May 1929

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 29 No. 17

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Public Business. - Game Preservation Bill, 1929—Second Stage (Resumed).

took the Chair.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Estimates for Public Services. Vote 62—Posts and Telegraphs (Resumed).

Now, now.More Button

The Deputy has not a right to reply.More Button

He has not. Amendment put. The Committee divided: Ta, 62; Níl, 66. TáMore Button

Agreed?More Button

The practice has been when a Deputy puts down an amendment that the estimate and the amendment would be discussed together, and when the Minister or the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for it has ...More Button

I am afraid the Deputy is confusing the procedure on a motion as distinct from an amendment. That is the Deputy's trouble. I have stated the practice in the House has been that the Vote should be pu...More Button

Is the Deputy putting a point of order?More Button

Deputies who desired to speak on this matter got full scope and they took advantage of it. The Parliamentary Secretary was not called upon to reply to the debate until each Deputy who desired to spea...More Button

The position under the Standing Orders is that a Deputy may speak more than once in Committee. The practice has been that the amendment and the motion are discussed together. If the Deputy insists as...More Button

This practice was allowed to grow up by the House itself, because the House felt that under that particular practice they could do their work better. This practice was built up and allowed to grow by ...More Button

That is the position under the Standing Orders.More Button

There was no necessity to assert it because the existence of that right was never denied by the Chair.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote No. 31—Office of the Minister for Justice.

took the Chair.More Button

In any case, it has nothing whatever to do with this Vote.More Button

The Committee is discussing the policy of the Department of Justice. The point the Deputy is making would arise much more properly, if it arises at all, when we are discussing the Office of the Presi...More Button

Let me inform the Deputy that the rules of order for this House are not laid down by the President. The Deputy knows that just as well as any member of the House. If the Deputy felt he was aggrieved...More Button

Quite, but the Deputy proceeded to comment upon certain things before I had an opportunity of saying what I intended to say. I agree with the Deputy that it is one thing for the President to say a st...More Button

Certainly.More Button

It has been the practice here that when a member of the House is accused of anything, or when a statement is made concerning a member of the House and the person against whom that statement is made re...More Button

The Deputy ought not quibble in that way with the Chair. Deputy Flinn knows quite well what I mean. The President denied that the Deputy's statement was true and Deputy Flinn knows that.More Button

It would be better if the Deputy were allowed to make his speech and then the Minister could deal with various matters afterwards.More Button

What does the Deputy mean by “his own officials refusing information?” Will the Deputy explain what he means by that?More Button

The Deputy has been referring to the Minister's own court and to the Minister's own judges, and the Minister's own officials. Does not the Deputy know that is not a proper way in which to describe th...More Button

To whom is the Deputy referring?More Button

Does the Deputy think that calling any member of this House a distraught fool is a correct thing to do?More Button

I think the Deputy should withdraw it.More Button

took the Chair.More Button

Adjournment Debate. - Leitrim County Council's Finances.

The Deputy should allow the Minister to conclude.More Button

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