Davin, William

Wednesday, 2 April 1930

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 4

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By whom?More Button

Wrong.More Button

Now it has come out.More Button

It is a Minister all right.More Button

In this House?More Button

No.More Button

Not at all.More Button

Will the Deputy tell the House and the country what his grounds for that statement are?More Button

The redeeming feature of the events of the last few days, since the resignation of the Government, is the fact that the people as a whole have kept their heads cool, even though the Free State Governm...More Button

I stated at the beginning that the only alternative to the nomination now before the House was the re-election of the Government that resigned.More Button

The President can tell the House and the country what he means by refusing to accept the majority verdict of this House and how he can justify it in view of the many plausible speeches which he has ma...More Button

There are many people in this country, outside those who normally support the Labour Party, who believe that the only way out of the difficulty is to find some man outside those who have been actively...More Button

No, but I suggest that his constituents are entitled to know if he has changed his mind. We had a trunk call from Nenagh the other day from the Minister for Finance and Deputy Séamus Bourke. In the ...More Button

Even if I were on the border of starvation I would not like to beg from the Deputy. If Deputy O'Connell is elected as President he will, I admit, be unable to get a Ministry drawn from our universiti...More Button

Hear hear.More Button

We might invite you into it.More Button

At what price?More Button

On that issue? [Professor Thrift took the Chair.]More Button

Did you vote against him for the position?More Button

He got the push.More Button

They do not like the truth.More Button

He was turned down.More Button

Or Deputy Cooney.More Button

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