Flinn, Hugh Victor

Thursday, 3 April 1930

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 5

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Business of the Dáil.

Is it customary for the Chair to act in regard to the appearance of a Bill on the Order Paper, as it has done in this particular case?More Button

Is it then your ruling or explanation as to why this Bill does not appear on the Order Paper that the Government did not introduce that Money Resolution? If not, what is the explanation?More Button

Did I understand you to say that this is the first case in which a Bill has got a Second Reading and the Money Resolution was refused, and if so by whom was it refused?More Button

On a point of order, may I ask who has refused the Money Resolution?More Button

Well, on a point of order, has the Money Resolution been refused?More Button

Did you, or did you not, state in the House that the Resolution had been refused?More Button

Nomination of Ministers.

There is a very beautiful Chinese proverb which I personally appreciate very much and which I would commend to the consideration of the House. It is to walk slowly passing a lame man. It is rather i...More Button

I will take over later when I am ready.More Button

Deputy Daly, for instance, in preparing a budget, would undoubtedly do justice to that trade which, in the words of his colleague, Deputy Sheehy, has put a necklace of glory around the world of Guinne...More Button

It is time somebody had. Is it suggested that we have a Minister for Justice here and that he has no supervision over those whose business it is to deal with what is going on in the Leinster House ba...More Button

Then it is time somebody had.More Button

I do not care who is responsible, and I do not care whose conduct it is that is making a disgrace of this House.More Button

I am going on, on the basis that we have a Ministry in which somebody must be responsible for what is going on.More Button

The Minister for Justice, who is in charge of something like 6,000 Guards, has picked out for commendation to this House as a good public officer a man who has assaulted an ordinary civilian and who h...More Button

Something funny has happened. I do not know what it is. There has been an eruption.More Button

Yes, since I have been asked about it, on that occasion a solid national block of 110 faced 15 who were hostile to the national principles involved in that vote. And that same fifteen alone, and ever...More Button

What are you going to say? Is the Minister for Finance as privatively ignorant of what is being done with the money he supplies to Deputy Hogan as Deputy Desmond Fitzgerald is of the Department of De...More Button

Right. We will come to the Shannon scheme. Let us start with sugar beet. What does this House think of the business ability of anyone who was connected with the finances of the sugar beet scheme? I...More Button

Yes and I can tell the Deputy the name of Queen Anne's grandmother.More Button

I would be very glad some day to get a legal opinion, a really high-class legal opinion, on the annuities question from the Lord Chancellor.More Button

Certainly not. That is the proposition. Yet the Carlow sugar beet scheme cannot complete in the city of Cork with sugar which has that handicap. They have not been selling any sugar in Cork. What ...More Button

Good old fifteen!More Button

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