MacEntee, Seán

Wednesday, 9 April 1930

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 6

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Committee of Public Accounts.

Arising out of the last motion, I asked the President some time ago to give a day for a discussion on the Report of the Public Accounts Committee. He promised to give me an answer within a fortnight....More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 66—External Affairs—(Resumed).

Say misleading.More Button

There has been, as a matter of fact, an increase in the sugar duty since, and there has been no corresponding diminution in any of the tariffs.More Button

Simply that the tariffs were put on for revenue, not for protection.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Local Government (Dublin) Bill, 1929—Committee Stage.

I move amendment 7:— “In sub-section (1), immediately after the word ‘districts,’ line 3, to insert the words ‘of the several coastal urban districts.’” The purpose of the amendment is to provide for ...More Button

It can be made and ought to be made and if you do not make it, it is simply because you refuse to approach this problem with an open and intelligent mind.More Button

I am arguing that there should be a common authority, that the coastal districts should be included in the city. I am putting forward the argument that even those who were enthusiastic advocates of t...More Button

I am dealing only with the proposal to establish a coastal borough. I am arguing that the proposed area for the coastal borough should be included in the city and I am not at the moment concerned wit...More Button

What about Dalkey?More Button

Ask the opinion of some of the residents of Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock about the sewerage.More Button

I will deal with that later.More Button

There is not proper drainage.More Button

The people whose health is mainly affected, the citizens of Dublin.More Button

There is a terrible animus against the people of Dalkey.More Button

After listening to the speech of the President and bearing in mind the speech of the Minister for Local Government when he was introducing this measure, the one thing that is borne in upon me is the a...More Button

Are you not after saying that our proposal is an unbalanced proposal?More Button

I say if the City of Dublin can sustain an addition of £337,000 in rateable value and still remain a balanced proposition a further addition of £167,000 is not going to create an unbalanced area or is...More Button

The figures I have quoted may be subject to correction because of the fact that I was unable to get the figures for the added rural areas. At any rate, the figures do not affect the validity of the a...More Button

I am concerned, and the Deputies who sit for County Dublin are concerned, at the present moment, with the effect on our own constituents. But I believe that if the amalgamation which the Minister men...More Button

That is the point. I was going to ask if the Minister would consider his argument in relation to the 5,000 acres of added rural area that he is putting in.More Button

What is the density of population in the added rural area?More Button

Would the Minister consider what would be the distance from the city to Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire if it were not for the accident that Rathmines and Pembroke were not included in the city when the c...More Button

If Rathmines and Pembroke had been brought in at the same time as Clontarf——More Button

Why make two bites at the cherry?More Button

And when the amalgamated townships are brought in the expenses will be greater in proportion, because the pensions will be larger in view of the greater responsibility of the officers.More Button

You would have junior members of the staff who could be absorbed.More Button

The Minister's suggestion has introduced a new element into this—whether it is better and more economical to proceed immediately with the amalgamation or to do it within five years time. The way I lo...More Button

If we were to withdraw the amendment what would be the Minister's attitude in regard to Section 3.More Button

The Bill will have to be recommitted, anyhow, after we have dealt with it on this stage.More Button

I do not see eye to eye with that point of view at all. To me it appears that the major principle in the Bill is the reconstitution of the Dublin Corporation and the enlargement of the boundary of the...More Button

I beg your pardon, it will.More Button

My attitude in the matter is that I am willing to meet the Minister half way, but I am not prepared to allow him to walk over me as he suggests. If the Minister does not move Section 3 now, on the un...More Button

——and to consider our future position in the light of what transpires at the conference. My point of view is practically the same as that of Deputy Thrift and Deputy Good.More Button

I think the Minister is taking an unfair advantage now. There has been a very reasonable suggestion which we have met in a reasonable way. We think that the status quo should be maintained and that ...More Button

That may be, but the President has not succeeded in converting Deputy Thrift or Deputy Good to his point of view yet. It is because he despairs of that that he is anxious to have this amendment dispo...More Button

There is one other point. If this amendment is disposed of and the Minister, as he states, is going to be in a position to argue on the lines that the Blackrock rates are so high, that the administra...More Button

They are. In view of the dilemma into which the House is going to be put by the Minister once my amendment is out of the way, the House ought to be able to retain liberty of action in the matter and ...More Button

So as to put the whole area at present under the control of the four urban councils into the city. I submit that it is not right that the President should preclude the House from including Blackrock ...More Button

That is what he intended.More Button

We would be still entitled to introduce an amendment suggesting that Blackrock might be included.More Button

I will take that.More Button

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