Anthony, Richard Sidney

Thursday, 10 April 1930

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 7

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I always listen with great attention to any contribution made in this House by Deputy Dr. Hennessy, but I fail to see what encouragement there is in this Bill to induce business men to enter the propo...More Button

Private Deputies' Business. - Saorstát Milling Industry.

I move:— “That the Dáil is of opinion that steps should be taken by the Executive Council to frame a scheme of national control which will provide adequate safeguards for the Saorstát milling industry...More Button

I want to be allowed to develop my argument without interference from anybody. I want to say that it seems rather out of place, to say the least of it, for any member of the Government Party to sugge...More Button

It is beyond your mentality. We all know Deputy Gorey.More Button

The idea of the Minister for Finance making such a comparison is certainly beyond me. I have suggested that a basic industry like the flour industry should be treated in the same way as the creamery i...More Button

Except on the Fianna Fáil Benches, where it is so green.More Button

This matter should not be regarded as a party question at all. It is far too serious for that. The number of persons involved in the City of Cork in connection with this matter would not give any pol...More Button

I ask every party in this House to keep party politics out of this question. Let us discuss this matter as a great national issue demanding careful, scientific and, perhaps, sympathetic treatment.More Button

On a point of explanation, the reason I did not want to link up wheat production with this present motion is because I believe that we could go on for hours discussing that. We had a very long discus...More Button

And increased if possible.More Button

What happened at York?More Button

I deliberately refrained from referring to anything that occurred at the Tariff Commission for very obvious reasons. I could have spoken for half an hour longer on the question not of what was reveal...More Button

On a point of explanation. I amplified and rather qualified that statement by saying that these are not cast-iron or sterotyped but were open to variation and amendment by the Minister himself.More Button

Yes.More Button

I have stated it.More Button

No.More Button

If the Government were in earnest it could be done.More Button

I agree.More Button

I submit that the Minister cannot leave dumping out. The fact is that English millers are producing in four-and-a-half days what the British public are able to consume, and the remaining one-and-a-hal...More Button

You have it in your Department.More Button

I did not introduce the question at all.More Button

I knew the Minister would take advantage of that.More Button

I suggest that the Minister should deal with the motion.More Button

I have not mentioned wheat.More Button

It is not in the motion.More Button

I hope so.More Button

You are a good judge.More Button

I am with you there.More Button

I told you my suspicion.More Button

I refuse contact with them.More Button

That is your job.More Button

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