O'Kelly, Seán T.

Thursday, 22 May 1930

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 19

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In Committee on Finance. - Vote 43—National Health Insurance.

Last year, and the year before, I and other Deputies raised a question on this Vote as to the expense of the head office, and in particular in regard to the number of Commissioners. The Minister, who ...More Button

Could the Minister tell us what is the total number of approved societies in existence at present as compared with last year?More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 42—Dundrum Asylum.

I think there is not much that can be said on this Estimate. While we realise that the nett increase arises from the fact the Minister states, that patients from the Six-County area have been transfer...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 44—Hospitals and Infirmaries.

I spoke on this subject before. The last time I spoke on it there was one aspect of it that had not occurred to me in connection with the question of the hospitals to which grants are paid on this Vo...More Button

Would you not back your own?More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Local Government (Dublin) Bill, 1929—Fifth Stage.

I do not know that it is necessary to say very much with regard to this Bill before it passes out of our control. It is a very different Bill from the one that was introduced here. I will not say ev...More Button

Moneys out of the National Exchequer.More Button

In respect of the Road Fund, for instance.More Button

The Deputy is not foolish enough to suggest anything of the kind.More Button

I beg your pardon. We are asked in this Bill to approve of the work of the Commissioners.More Button

I will read the section. It is Section 29—Section 30 in the new form. It says: “The Order dated 20th May, 1924, and made under Section 12 of the Local Government (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923, No...More Button

I think so.More Button

Well, I will put it very shortly, so far as that is concerned. I will not discuss the administration over the last six years if the Chair rules me out, but I want to express one sentence in passing, ...More Button

I have some of the figures here of the moneys they received.More Button

Very well, I will not attempt to interfere or carry on when the Chair disagrees with me, but that is my belief, that the city has not been better managed and that its work could have been better done ...More Button

I am not going into the past. I am talking of the City Manager.More Button

Certainly. The city manager is mentioned in the Bill and not one of the gentlemen who got unique opportunities for six years to prove themselves worthy of the post of City Manager was appointed. They...More Button

Well, it is set out in the Bill, I think in Section 38, that Gerald Sherlock is to be appointed City Manager, and I will leave the inference to the House. Why was not somebody else appointed, somebo...More Button

Why did you not appoint one of them as Manager?More Button

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