O'Kelly, Seán T.

Wednesday, 10 June 1931

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 39 No. 1

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Some of them.More Button

Is there not enough of them here already?More Button

The Corporation give several thousand pounds a year divided amongst 15 or 16 hospitals.More Button

I do not think the amendment gives all the powers that I understood the Minister would ask to have given to the Committee of Reference. For instance, there was one that was mentioned, an amendment of...More Button

A third point is as to whether they would be able to insist on statutory declarations or otherwise. That point was not met.More Button

There is a matter that I wish to raise on Section 5.More Button

I would like to be satisfied that the Committee of Reference would have full power to inquire into all the facts relating to all the hospitals, voluntary and otherwise. Of course, in regard to the sw...More Button

Was the Mater included in that?More Button

I had reason to be in touch with the Mater. I was more or less at their mercy, and I heard a considerable amount of dissatisfaction.More Button

They seemed to me to make a good case, seeing the number of beds that they set aside as free beds. They produced figures to show that they had 37 per cent. of beds for a certain number of years free.More Button

The Hospitals Committee will draw up a scheme and submit it to the Committee of Reference.More Button

I was given a list of the hospitals here and the arrangements set out for the next sweepstake. The hospitals have now certain deductions taken off the percentages previously arranged to be given to t...More Button

I agree. But ought not there be consultation?More Button

Why was it necessary to bring in a special amendment to have consultation with the Hospitals Committee?More Button

There will be local bodies in each county that should have some say in that matter, and they would like to be consulted.More Button

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