Lemass, Seán F.

Thursday, 25 June 1931

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 39 No. 8

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The official returns of the Department of Industry and Commerce give the average wages in Kildare at 26/- a week.More Button

I was not in for the whole of Deputy O'Connell's speech but I heard the portion of it which he devoted to the tariff on boots. I rise for the purpose of endeavouring to extract from Deputy O'Connell ...More Button

Deputy O'Connell has made an explanatory statement in which he used the word “if” five times. I am no wiser now as to what his policy is than I was before.More Button

It is important that we should realise what his policy and the policy of his Party is on this matter and there is considerable doubt as to what their policy is.More Button

The Minister for Education made a speech at the League of Nations in which he described the Labour Party as a “Free Trade Party.” That description of the Party appeared on the records of the League of...More Button

Deputy O'Connell agrees with that. We are agreed that the industry can be established here.More Button

The question is whether the method adopted by the Government to protect the industry is the best method that can be adopted. Let me say that the existing tariff, even though I was probably one of the...More Button

I am not quite sure what the significance of that remark is. The importation of capital, I suppose, is not a bad thing in itself, provided it is subject to native control. Is that what Deputy O'Conn...More Button

I am satisfied that there will be no difficulty at all in getting capital to invest if the State creates the right conditions here. We have a surplus of capital. Let that be clear to Deputy O'Connel...More Button

Let me explain to Deputy O'Connell. It is an elementary lesson, but it will do him good. A certain amount of revenue comes into the Exchequer as a result of the boot tariff. If that revenue did not ...More Button

How could it be used? The money that came into the Exchequer has been used to meet the ordinary expenses of government. The revenue that came in would have to be got in some other way. The Minister ...More Button

Town Tenants Bill, 1931—Committee Stage.

Did you deal with them in the Dáil?More Button

I move amendment 89: Before Section 42 to insert a new section as follows:— “(1) On the expiration of a building lease, the council of the county or other borough or of the county in which the land d...More Button

There is nothing contained in this amendment which has not been enacted in respect of land. The community has taken to itself the right of acquiring land compulsorily at its own valuation from the own...More Button

In this case we are proposing——More Button

We are proposing that the original owner of the land, the ground landlord, who is probably the descendant of some pirate or robber, will get in the future what he was getting in the past. Only in fut...More Button

A legal right given to him by a Parliament composed of persons of his own class and which we are now proposing to take from him. He is going to lose that right at any rate. His day is done; his numbe...More Button

Why not?More Button

In this case we propose to give him the same rent as he received before.More Button

He is getting nothing under this Bill. Of course, there are provisions here which might result in his getting an increase of rent in the future. We will oppose these because we at any rate think tha...More Button

I took it from the Minister's reference to the Encyclical that he intended to hide behind it.More Button

I am very glad and I shall be glad to give the Minister an opportunity of speaking now. He must admit that the community has a greater claim to this increment than any of the parties whose interests ...More Button

Some of them, present company excepted.More Button

I move amendment 91: To delete paragraph (b).More Button

Why not? Presumably the Minister is taking away that right because he thinks the landlord should not have it. Why is he compromising on it, or creating the possibility that he will get back part of ...More Button

If the Deputy wants to get a simple method all he has got to do is to move the deletion of paragraphs (c), (d) and (e).More Button

It is merely a matter of whom you would rob. I have no more interest in the ground landlord than I have in the middleman. It is a question of which of them is going to get it. Amendment, by leave, w...More Button

If the Minister is considering the revision of that term, “in circumstances of normal competition” in respect of Section 27, I think he should consider it in connection with this section.More Button

Might I draw the Minister's attention to the next amendment which gives the benefit to the person who gets the reversionary lease rather than the ground landlord. Deputy Thrift gives the benefit to th...More Button

Would it be possible to do it?More Button

Will it not be necessary to provide that the person receiving the reversionary lease will have the power to effect improvements if he is a middleman, as he will be in the majority of cases? He may no...More Button

I move amendment 100: To delete sub-section (3) and substitute two new sub-sections as follows:— “(3) Where it appears to the court that— (a) the person in receipt of the rent reserved by a building...More Button

The third is to add something which the Minister agreed to consider in the other parts of the Bill, namely, the imposition of some sort of penalty in the event of the person voiding the application to...More Button

That puts the onus of proof on the person claiming the lease.More Button

I do not think so.More Button

That is not clear. A person claims a reversionary lease, and the ground landlord objects to giving it on the ground that he intends to rebuild or reconstruct, and that seems to put an end to the matt...More Button

I move amendment 101: To add at the end of the section two new sub-sections as follows:— “(4) Where the court is satisfied that— (a) a person in possession of land under a building lease would, but ...More Button

The grounds are the same as in Section 45 (3).More Button

There is this point. It is clear that he is not going to get his new tenancy, because if the landlord can deprive him of the reversionary lease on any of the grounds specified in Section 45 (3) he ca...More Button

Does the Minister not see the possibility of continuous litigation on the meaning of the words “wilful waste” and “wilful damage”?More Button

I move amendment No. 107: SECTION 53. Before Section 53, but in Part VI of the Bill to insert a new section as follows:—More Button

That is provided for.More Button

The part of the Bill in which it is proposed to insert the amendment is entitled “Miscellaneous.” It deals with the acquisition of land for building purposes. That part of the Bill is intended to incr...More Button

The Ceann Comhairle has ruled the amendment out of order, but still I would ask the Minister to consider it and if necessary to bring before the House a special Bill embodying the proposal in the amen...More Button

When does the Minister hope to circulate his amendments?More Button

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