MacEntee, Seán

Thursday, 25 June 1931

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 39 No. 8

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Finance Bill, 1931—Second Stage.

Surely the Minister is going to give some explanation of Section 2, which proposes an amendment of Section 8 of the Finance Act of 1925; of Section 4 which introduces a new principle into the income t...More Button

And is still in the courts. The cases that Sections 2 and 4 deal with are still in the courts.More Button

And tramways?More Button

And gasworks?More Button

Before the Minister leaves that section would he explain how it is that so far as public utility companies are concerned—gasworks, waterworks, tramway undertaking, etc. —that the limit of 1934 is subs...More Button

Can the Minister justify the exemptions?More Button

The Minister and I think the House have been under the misapprehension that from year to year the Finance Bill is merely a redaction as it were, first of all of the financial statement that the Minist...More Button

According to Deputy Lemass the average is 26/- in Kildare, and I am taking the figure at 27/- to 30/-, so that it cannot be contended that my figures are unduly favourable to the arguments I am puttin...More Button

Well, that is the highest in actual cash. I am dealing now with cash incomes. Sugar has to be paid for in cash. The maximum that Deputy Wolfe would pay would be 30/- a week.More Button

In such households the expenditure on sugar amounts to 1s. 0½d. per week, and that is the equivalent to 4½ lbs. of sugar in a poor household of five persons. Any person who has ever had anything to d...More Button

It raises the whole question.More Button

It is already permitting it.More Button

I would like to point out that to my knowledge there is a one-man concern—and when I say that I mean one bus service owned by one individual or, at the most, two individuals of the same family — and i...More Button

They have lost a lot of it recently.More Button

What about the Irish investors who had their money in the Royal Mail Steampacket Company and in the Cunard Company? Where is that money now?More Button

Will the Minister read the exact words in Article 43?More Button

That is entirely wrong.More Button

The argument is that the subject is entitled to the benefit of the law as it stands, and if he is found right, and if the legal advisers to the Revenue Commissioners are found wrong, he is not going t...More Button

The Post Office.More Button

Would the Minister bear in mind the point which I have raised in regard to Section 7—the assessment of income tax on the pensions of the widows of 1916?More Button

Would the Minister not put them in the same category as those other pensions?More Button

Adjournment Debate. - Closing of Co. Tipperary Creameries.

I hope the Minister is not trying to justify his attitude by introducing the White Star line.More Button

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