Cosgrave, William T.

Thursday, 16 July 1931

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 39 No. 17

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Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Bill, 1931—Third Stage.

Can liabilities come into any other category than undischarged liabilities?More Button

There is one point that the Deputies opposite seem to have overlooked. If the Report Stage is left over until next week there will only be about seven days for the Seanad to consider the Bill before ...More Button

Of course it can and so can the Dáil and I would remind the Deputy that the Dáil has the right to decide. The Dáil can decide this question too.More Button

Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Bill, 1931—Report Stage.

The Deputy invites me to meet him in regard to leaving the Fifth Stage over until to-morrow. If I had a definite understanding that the Bill would be passed to-morrow, I would be prepared to accommoda...More Button

Yes. It has been put to me by quite a number of Deputies who are concerned with agriculture and other matters that they have an objection to coming here after this week.More Button

That is a matter that I carefully considered before I made any decision upon this question. The fact of the matter is that the House has decided that it is prepared to decide this question to-day.More Button

I offered every possible accommodation on this measure. I believed I was met, or almost met, and subsequently it was found that I would not be met. I then offered to-morrow. It was refused and now, w...More Button

Let us understand one another. We could postpone the Fifth Stage until to-morrow, but only on the understanding that the Bill will be finished to-morrow. If that is the understanding I am satisfied...More Button

Deputies opposite believe that they ought to speak twice as long and as often as we do. If that is their interpretation with regard to any accommodation that may be offered, I am not prepared to acce...More Button

It might be well for the Deputy to take into consideration the amount of time monopolised by his colleagues. They do not afford Deputies on this side of the House much opportunity for discussion.More Button

And that it will be finished to-morrow. That is the understanding. Otherwise I will have to take the Fifth Stage now.More Button

Very good, that settles it. I will have to get the Fifth Stage now. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 80; Níl, 44. TáMore Button

To-morrow. Fifth Stage ordered for to-morrow.More Button

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