Thrift, Prof. William E.

Thursday, 5 November 1931

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 40 No. 8

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Road Traffic Bill, 1931—Committee. (Resumed).

I should also like to support that and to press for a regulation for the provision of a mirror and that the size of mirror should be defined. Small mirrors would be of very little use. As to this po...More Button

I move amendment No. 11. In sub-section (2) line 58, to insert the word “knowingly” after the word “person.”More Button

I admitted that at the time of the engagement the employer should take care to see that the driver is licensed. But to insist that he should be continually looking after the matter would I think be i...More Button

I accept that.More Button

Yes.More Button

I am withdrawing my amendment. I stated at the beginning that I stressed the matter for casual cases. I say that once a person engaging a car satisfies himself that the driver is licensed no liabili...More Button

I agree with the Minister that we may take fifteen at present. When we come to hard facts this is a matter to which the parent has something to say because he has to provide the money.More Button

The number of motor bicycles for boys under fifteen would be very small. Section 19 agreed to. SECTION 20. (1) Any person who is not under the age of fourteen years and is not for the time being disq...More Button

Will that mean that a new licence will be issued when the other expires?More Button

There is a danger that we are letting our feelings run away with our sense of justice in this matter. There is a danger of the House taking on itself the functions of a court. The Section as it stan...More Button

I move amendment 30: In sub-section (2), line 25, to delete the word “three” and substitute therefor the word “five.” I submit to the Minister that the period specified here is rather short. The perso...More Button

Sub-section (3) allows the court to accept a good reason for non-production within the specified time, but in that case he must have been summoned for non-production beforehand.More Button

Road Traffic Bill, 1931—Committee Stage (Resumed).

The difficulty in what Deputy Lemass said was really expressed by himself that once you name a speed limit you encourage drivers to travel up to the maximum of that speed. Nevertheless, while I think...More Button

I think the Minister gave a most eminently reasonable summing up. I would like that those inclined to raise the speed limit for these heavy vehicles, particularly those suggesting 35 miles an hour fo...More Button

I move amendment 41. “In sub-section (1), line 46, to delete the words “at a speed or”. My point is that the words “at a speed or” are unnecessary and complicate the position rather than clarify it....More Button

Surely “in a manner” includes the speed?More Button

If you have “regard to all the circumstances,” surely you must pay attention to the speed. Does it add anything to the sub-section?More Button

I move amendment 42: “In sub-section (1) to delete all from and including the word “including” line 47, to and including the word “place” line 50.” I dealt with this amendment on the previous amendmen...More Button

I was about to add that the words “might reasonably be expected to be” would surely lead to conflict. I want to ask the Minister and Deputy Finlay this question. When we say “including the nature, c...More Button

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