Mulcahy, Richard James

Wednesday, 15 June 1932

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 42 No. 10

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Control of Manufactures Bill, 1932—Second Stage (Resumed).

This Bill can bring no hope or satisfaction to Deputy Morrissey or any Deputy looking at the matter in the way he does. I do not think that the Bill is seriously intended to do any such thing or that ...More Button

I submit I am.More Button

A large number of tariffs have been proposed to the House without information, good, bad or indifferent, as to the position of the industries which it was hoped to develop here. We had no information...More Button

Is that the only information the Minister has of any penetration that is going on? We have got to information.More Button

I submit that the Minister gave us the quotation as a substitute for information.More Button

Will the Minister point to anytbing in this Bill that is going to prevent that going on?More Button

We are asking fore information about the situation and about the Bill.More Button

Is there a graph showing the increase of employment in the tariffed industries in thes years.More Button

: We have been given no information.More Button

Even if it were seven years in operation here?More Button

Even after seven years here?More Button

If the Minister would offer any sign of hope it would be easy to do that.More Button

In connection with the licences to which the Minister has committed himself would he take into consiederation Secton 5, sub-section (2) paragraph (d) and would he make a statement as to what the terms...More Button

Is the Minister not going outside whatever he said in his speech?More Button

When we go into Committee, if this Bill is not defeated now, we might have to introduce amendments indicating ways in which the granting of licences should be indicated to the House if it is thought n...More Button

Eucharistic Congress (MIscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 1932—From the Senand.

As regards the first two amendments, are we to understand that one of the principle intentions is that old vehicles brought to ply for hire in the city of Dublin will be required to run the gauntlet o...More Button

Finance Bill, 1932—Second Stage.

Will the Deputy say why the application of those methods has doubled the registered unemployed in the City of Dublin since Deputies opposite took control?More Button

rose.More Button

I do not want to interrupt the Deputy in any way but it is just on a point of explanation. If Deputy Carney wants to bring me into it as regards the effect of this proposal on unemployment it is cert...More Button

That is not so.More Button

So far as arrangements in connection with the time of the House are concerned, we have from time to time had discussions with the Whips of the Government Party. These discussions have always arisen ve...More Button

As a Party we are prepared to meet the Minister in every possible way, but we are not in the position, and have never been asked by any section of the House, to speak for other groups. I suggest that...More Button

The Minister will find this Party desirous of giving him every facility.More Button

Before we leave the subject, and as we have representatives from all Parties here now, perhaps we could avoid further misunderstandings by suggesting a definite time at which the Minister could get in...More Button

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