Lemass, Seán F.

Thursday, 16 June 1932

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 42 No. 11

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Hygienic Wrapping Paper.

Consideration is being given to the question of excluding matter printed on waxed paper from the duty on matter printed on paper and imported in bulk quantities.More Button

Public Business. - Finance Bill, 1932—Second Stage (Resumed).

There is no tariff on flat sheets.More Button

I will endeavour to get the amendments circulated as soon as possible. I am anxious to do it for several reasons.More Button

I hope to have the Government amendments circulated within four days.More Button

Yes.More Button

Deputies will have the majority of the amendments by then, not all.More Button

Public Business. - Finance (Customs Duties) (No. 2) Bill, 1932—Committee.

The position is that the industry is being carried on with considerable efficiency, and that, as far as prices are concerned, there has been no difference between the price of comparable machines prod...More Button

No import licences have been issued. An arrangement was made in the Resolution which is embodied in this Bill by which the Minister for Agriculture can issue a licence for the importation of certain ...More Button

We have received from the manufacturers a guarantee that the prices they will charge for their products here will not be higher than the prices which the English farmer will have to pay to the English...More Button

If in fact we find that that guarantee is not observed then a situation would arise in which we would have seriously to consider the removal of the duty or we would have to consider what other steps w...More Button

The guarantee is being kept. Deputy Hogan came into the Dáil when that tariff was put before us and posed as a farmer. He said that the price of machinery was going to go up. He shouted down anybod...More Button

I have often said before that the price is always in relation to the quality.More Button

If the Deputy will look at the papers he will see the advertisement.More Button

The Irish firms will supply agricultural machinery as efficient as any machinery that can be imported. If that is so is there any reason why Irishmen should not be employed in the manufacture of that...More Button

That answers Deputy Blythe.More Button

I think we could dispose of the points raised without prolonged discussion upon this particular amendment. We went into the matter with very great care, and it seemed to us that a lesser rate of duty...More Button

I cannot say that at the moment, but these machines were coming in in unusual quantities.More Button

I cannot answer that.More Button

Having gone fully into the point and having considered that it was desirable that these importations should be stopped, and that the markets set out in the Schedule to this Bill should be reserved to ...More Button

I do mean it and if the Deputy has gone down to the Show he would see amongst other things light ploughs.More Button

He would see different kinds of machinery on the stands of the different manufacturers. As I mentioned before one conclusive fact seems to dispose of all that argument. We have a census taken and we ...More Button

It applies to agricultural machinery of the type I have spoken of. Deputy Hogan made a statement at the way that the agents of Irish manufacturers were treating the merchants here, and the arrogant ...More Button

I cannot answer that at the moment. I do not think so. These are all the points raised in the debate. I do not think that any point was made for a reduction of the duty, so I think we could pass on ...More Button

I am afraid I do not get the point.More Button

I understand it is intended to dispose of the amendments to this Bill by two o'clock to-morrow. I suggest, therefore, that amendments which would require more discussion than this which had already b...More Button

But they were discussed.More Button

I question that.More Button

I do not think it is necessary to deal with all the points raised by Deputy McGilligan, because they have been dealt with already. The one error on which his whole speech is based is this — that the ...More Button

I move:— In sub-section (1), page 2, line 25, after the word “Act” to add the words “imported into Saorstát Eireann on or after the 26th day of March, 1932.” This is merely a drafting amendment. Amend...More Button

Amendment 3 reads:— In sub-section (2), page 2, line 30, to delete the word “one-fourth” and substitute the word “three-fourths.” Amendment 3 corrects a misprint. The duties were originally imposed a...More Button

The House adopted the imposition of a duty at the rate of 33? per cent., with a preferential rate of 25 per cent.More Button

I am quite satisfied that the Order did not specify any percentage, such as one-third, one-fourth, or three-fourths. It definitely stated that there would be 33? per cent. with a preferential rate of...More Button

It was. As a matter of fact, Deputy Blythe said, “The term one-fourth is here and I presume it should be three-fourths,” and I think I assented.More Button

It is obviously only a printer's error.More Button

I would not like to have the words “with the concurrence of the Minister for Industry and Commerce” deleted. It is the Department of Industry and Commerce which is in continuous touch with the manufa...More Button

I have no particularly strong views on the subject. It seems to me it would be safer to have the wider powers of the Bill.More Button

One of the intentions was that it might become necessary for a particularly large farmer in a district to be given a licence to import a certain type of agricultural machinery that he needed and that ...More Button

No. Question proposed: “That Section 2, as amended, stand part of the Bill.”More Button

They are not liable to duty.More Button

No.More Button

It is clear that a knapsack sprayer is an agricultural sprayer.More Button

They are both agricultural sprayers and brass nozzles and rubber tubes for agricultural sprayers are exempted from duty.More Button

I would be prepared to discuss it now.More Button

I would be opposed to the removal of the duty suggested by the Deputy because such removal would mean a definite abandonment of hope on our part that the manufacture of such goods could be undertaken ...More Button

I wish to state there is no prospect, and no intention, that there should be any monopolistic factories engaged in any special lines here. The existing factories are here and are developing, and are c...More Button

We have a Bill, the purpose of which is to confirm certain duties that were imposed by Provisional Order in the Customs Duties (Provisional Order) Act. If any section of this Bill were deleted, or an...More Button

I submit it is, and that is the advice we have received. I submit an amendment being passed to remove duties imposed by the Finance Act of 1924 would not be in order here, because you cannot, by amen...More Button

I am pointing out that if the Dáil were to pass this amendment, and subsequent consequential amendments, the purpose the Deputy has in mind would not be served, because the duties in the Act of 1924 w...More Button

Probably.More Button

We can discuss this question back and forward and get nowhere. I want to make two or three things clear. I said first that foreign firms would be allowed into the industry here. I meant that, so lo...More Button

I have seen price lists to the importers in which it was set out that they were cutting the prices of the same class of boots in order to meet the tariff and were quoting them, with the duty paid, at ...More Button

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