Hogan, Patrick

Thursday, 2 March 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 46 No. 3

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(An Clár): I had hoped that I would not have an opportunity of referring to the muddle of the labour exchanges on this Vote. I had hoped that representations which were made not alone by individual m...More Button

(Clare): I do.More Button

I am not responsible for what he says.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Local Government Bill, 1933—Second Stage.

I am waiting to see. The Deputy has not yet elaborated his point.More Button

I am afraid that that has no relevancy whatever. I thought that the Deputy might have established some relevancy on other grounds.More Button

I would suggest that it is time that the Deputy did.More Button

What has this to do with this Bill? We are not proposing to pay any Deputy who went across or who impeded anyone who went across.More Button

Any Deputy who went across is not referred to in this measure.More Button

There is nothing in this Bill about Deputies.More Button

Táim ag fanamhaint ar an dTeachta é sin do theasbaint.More Button

Is that in this Bill?More Button

It is suggested that in this Bill the Government propose to deprive the people the Deputy is referring to of their pension rights?More Button

I am allowing that.More Button

That is not in this Bill.More Button

I cannot allow the Deputy to travel over the whole of the Government policy in this measure. I have no evidence before me in this Bill to show that the Government is threatening to dismiss anybody fo...More Button

On a Second Reading speech a Deputy can discuss what is in the Bill and what he would like to see in the Bill.More Button

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