Morrissey, Daniel

Thursday, 2 March 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 46 No. 3

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I had hoped that the Minister would have given us more information on this matter, particularly in view of the very drastic changes the present Government has made with regard to unemployment insuranc...More Button

I shall be glad if the Minister will tell me then. Do I take it from the Minister that no change whatever has been made in the scheme which he initiated last year?More Button

It is very hard for some of us to get any information from any Department, including the Minister's.More Button

Deputy Cleary should be the last man to talk about unemployment. Deputy Cleary should remember what happened in Mayo last year, and particularly in BallinaMore Button

I would not expect anything else from the Deputy.More Button

The Deputy knows that there were 6,000 odd unemployed registered in Ballina in one month and the following month none.More Button

I do, but I know very well that the registration was for the purpose of the £1,000,000 robbed from the Road Fund. I know a little more about unemployment insurance perhaps than Deputy Cleary knows. ...More Button

The Minister told us about the increase in the staff and said that meant an increase in the number of people employed in insurable industries. Does the Minister really believe that? Does it necessar...More Button

No. The Deputy is talking about something that he knows something about—that he has practical experience of, which the Minister has not.More Button

No. The Deputy is speaking as one who has had to claim unemployment insurance and who has had to claim national health insurance which the Minister or Deputy Ward never had. I am talking from experi...More Button

I take it that I must be getting even nearer to the point than I thought. Mr. Corry interrupted.More Button

The Department which surely was supposed to be controlled by the Vice-President and Dr. Ward is called upon to sanction outdoor relief up to the point of an increase of 60 per cent. over what it was t...More Button

On a point of order, may I inquire whether those employed on relief schemes are liable for unemployment insurance?More Button

I submit, with all respect, that if they are it is a question that can be raised on this Vote.More Button

I submit, with all respect, that if the Minister were to do his business, as we think in a proper way, there would be no necessity whatever for this Vote.More Button

On the Minister's instructions.More Button

Under the Minister's instructions.More Button

They are instructed by the Minister.More Button

On a point of order. I want to know is it in order for any member of this House, even a Minister, to discuss members of the Civil Service in this House?More Button

If the Minister would contain himself for a moment. I am addressing myself to the Chair. On a point of order, I submit, with all respect, that the procedure of this House is that no member, not even...More Button

I submit that is completely out of order.More Button

That is not my point. My point is this: that the Minister is attacking members of the Civil Service who, he alleges, earned dismissal at his hands.More Button

That only strengthens my case. That is a quibble.More Button

I am putting my point of order to the Chair, and the Chair is quite capable of judging without the assistance of the Minister. The Minister is going against the whole procedure of the House in attacki...More Button

Shame.More Button

We had not so much unemployment in those days.More Button

At 4/- per day.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

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