McDermot, Frank

Thursday, 23 March 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 46 No. 10

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Order of Business.

We did get a notification that No. 6 would not be taken this week.More Button

I thought it was definite.More Button

Road Traffic Bill, 1933—Committee (Resumed).

Is it being argued that if a man is considered to be drunk in charge of a vehicle that he should be allowed to continue to drive simply because he does not admit that he is drunk?More Button

I strongly disagree with the last Deputy. It seems to me that for the safety of the ordinary citizen the Guards should be protected in this way. It is always a matter of opinion whether a man is dru...More Button

I hope the Minister will not accept this amendment. My experience is that 35 miles an hour would be a dangerous speed for any form of trailer, even the lightest, particularly at road bends. I quite ...More Button

I should like to support this amendment strongly. I am convinced from wide experience that 30 miles an hour is a quite high enough speed for buses.More Button

Of course there are many countries where a speed limit still exists for ordinary motor cars. It so happens that in the State of New York, where I had a great deal of motoring experience, 30 miles an ...More Button

I think Deputy Moore has overlooked the fact that a great many roads in this country are constructed in such a way that buses should not pass over them at all. There are roads in the West of Ireland ...More Button

I should like to assure the Minister for Industry and Commerce that I have not—I am sure that Deputy Davin has not either— confused the maximum speed with the normal speed—not a bit of it. It is the ...More Button

The schedules are composed for them and if a certain maximum speed limit is fixed, they will get instructions. I suggest that it would be very much to the benefit of the public as a whole, that it wo...More Button

If the Minister does not feel like accepting the amendment will he be willing to leave it to a free vote of the House?More Button

Will not an offence under Section 54 be almost impossible to prove?More Button

Supposing the speed limit is 30 miles and the bus company schedule involves travelling at an average rate of 25 miles; a man could not do that, as a matter of fact, without exceeding the 30-mile limit...More Button

No, I do not.More Button

It appears to me that it is a very vicious principle to put one association, whatever it is called, into a privileged position in our legislation. After all, who can tell what will happen to the G.A....More Button

But it would be used for all outdoor athletic occupations?More Button

Has the Minister considered what effect that will have, for example, on tourists? I do not know whether the obligation exists in any other country to carry a reflector in addition to a tail light. I...More Button

That would certainly be an argument against including the owner driver.More Button

I think another thing that should be taken into consideration is the owner driver. Certainly in the case of public vehicle services you have the driver continuing day in and day out, whereas it should...More Button

Could not the Minister stipulate that the interval ought not to be less than an hour?More Button

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