Cosgrave, William T.

Wednesday, 17 May 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 47 No. 10

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Order of Business.

The House only followed the bad example which the Labour Party showed last year.More Button

Notice cannot be given until the resolution appears on the Order Paper. When a question is asked on that surely somebody knows why it was put down.More Button

But the tax is.More Button

Local Government (Dublin) Bill, 1933—Second Stage.

The statement just read by the Minister indicates a certain amount of hesitation in its preparation, and a certain lack of appreciation of the historical events of the last few years. In the first pl...More Button

Perhaps the Deputy will correct me by giving the numbers.More Button

Nobody can draw the line in this country as regards people who are not of Gaelic extraction becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves. Attempts have been made now and again to do it. So far as p...More Button

National Health Insurance Bill, 1933—Committee Stage.

There is a later provision in connection with that. There are extras to be examined between this and 31st December.More Button

How many approved societies give these benefits now?More Button

Has the Minister any estimate of the cost?More Button

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