Hogan, Patrick

Friday, 14 July 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 48 No. 19

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In Committee on Finance. - Vote 56—Industry and Commerce (Resumed).

I do not think the Bill is actually law yet.More Button

But it is not law.More Button

The Minister is not supposed to quote a Standing Order. He can raise a general question. Obviously, this matter has been discussed here and may be discussed again. However, it is a matter of policy...More Button

No, we are not.More Button

I will hear the Minister on the point he is making.More Button

Would not that matter arise more appropriately on Vote 60—Unemployment Insurance?More Button

The Deputy will have a chance of raising this matter on Vote 60.More Button

Deputies must not advocate new legislation when debating the Estimates.More Button

I do not want to interrupt the Deputy. Probably he is not going to go very far with this matter, but on the Estimates it is not permitted to advocate new legislation.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 57—Railways.

The Minister has no responsibility in this matter.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 60—Unemployment Insurance.

The Deputy could not go much farther as the Bill is not before us.More Button

What I did say was that the matter which the Deputy was raising would seem to arise more appropriately on Vote 60. I think what the Minister is objecting to is the suggestion of amending legislation.More Button

The Deputy is suggesting that the Act which is in operation here should be amended? Is not that so?More Button

Of course that cannot arise on administration, which is what we are discussing.More Button

There are several ways by which pressure can be brought on the Government to induce them—or to force them shall we say?—to bring in such an Act. That information will be given to the Deputy in the pr...More Button

The Deputy is quite entitled to refer to the decision of the umpire, and to the matters which led up to the case being brought before the umpire, but to suggest that that section should be altered, an...More Button

It is very adroit I admit, but there would be no point whatever in reading out a section of another Act unless the suggestion were that it should be adopted here.More Button

I cannot see the point of it.More Button

It is not necessary to tell Deputy McGilligan that the fact that it is legislation to remove a doubt does not make it any the less legislation.More Button

The Deputy may refer to confusion that may arise from the phraseology of the section, but I cannot allow any Deputy to suggest that amending legislation should be introduced, or to indicate the lines ...More Button

That is hypothetical.More Button

No.More Button

I cannot see any point in quoting it.More Button

I would have no difficulty in allowing Deputy Coburn, if Deputy Coburn were the only Deputy I had to deal with.More Button

I have not said you may quote it.More Button

Is it the section of an Act passed by the Oireachtas?More Button

I have a good deal of sympathy with the Deputy, but the rules of the House are inexorable and I cannot allow him to deal with that.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 1—Governor General's Establishment.

That is not a bit relevant to the Vote for the Governor-General.More Button

The Deputy will deal with the Vote which is before the House and not with whatever happened previous to this in any Party that he belonged to.More Button

The statement is a serious statement. The Deputy alleges that the President instructed or ordered him not to attend Mass while the——More Button

—— Governor-General was present. The President said that statement is not true. I think, considering the seriousness of the statement, the Deputy ought to withdraw it, and to accept the President's ...More Button

I distinctly heard the President say that the statement was untrue.More Button

Let us be clear about it. I intervened in this because it concerns an officer of the State, and the dignity of this State. I did not want it to go abroad that there was any disrespect intended by th...More Button

I am sure the Deputy will take my word that I heard it. I heard the President distinctly state that that statement was not correct. I intervened because I did not want the impression to go abroad th...More Button

The Minister has raised a point of order.More Button

I did not call on the Deputy to proceed. I asked him to withdraw the remark in consideration of the President's denial. I called on him to withdraw it, and I still expect him to withdraw the remark. ...More Button

I heard the President on two occasions. I am nearer to the President's seat than the Deputies on the opposite side. I am sure the House will accept my statement that I heard the President on two occ...More Button

The statement I heard was subsequent to Deputy Belton's remark, and I think, in consideration of that, that Deputy Belton ought to withdraw the remark.More Button

Am I to take it that Deputy Belton withdraws the remark?More Button

Am I to take it that the Deputy will withdraw the remark?More Button

Let us be clear about this: either the Deputy accepts my statement that I heard the President categorically deny that he ordered Deputy Belton to remain away from Mass because the Governor-General was...More Button

May we take it that the remark is withdrawn?More Button

What is the use of saying that?More Button

The Minister will have to conform to the rules of the House as well as any other Deputy. Deputy Belton withdrew the remark and the Minister for Finance has no right to say that Deputy Belton was tell...More Button

The Minister said it was untrue.More Button

He has not challenged the ruling of the Chair; he has challenged the accuracy of the remark I made. He says he did not say “it is untrue.” I understood him to say “It is untrue.” He now says his re...More Button

Deputy Belton.More Button

The figures give the remuneration for certain offices.More Button

Let us be clear about that. One cannot discuss every rumour one hears in connection with an Estimate. There are figures placed before us as to what the cost of the office is. We should discuss the ...More Button

Who prevented anybody from going to the Rugby match? Let us get out of this rut and discuss the Governor-General's Vote. Whether he would or would not go to a Rugby match, there is no responsibility...More Button

There is no responsibility in this House whether he goes to a Rugby match or a Gaelic match.More Button

There is no responsibility on this House as to whether the Governor-General goes to a Gaelic match or to a Rugby match, and there is no use in discussing it when the House has no responsibility for it...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 3—Department of the President of the Executive Council.

That does not arise on the Vote of the President, clearly.More Button

It does not arise on this Vote if he held ten positions.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 54—Fisheries and Gaeltacht Services.

What year is the Minister speaking of?More Button

Unfortunately, I have to take into consideration the financial year and we cannot go back any further.More Button

The Minister will have to confine himself to the last financial year.More Button

The Minister must confine himself to the administration of the Act within the year under review.More Button

I have ruled clearly and definitely that the Minister must confine himself to the administration of the Act within the financial year under review. If the Minister persists, I will have to ask him to...More Button

He is travelling back and pointing out how former Ministers misapplied, as he alleges, the money provided under the Estimate.More Button

The Minister is entitled to review the Act only within the financial year.More Button

I have no knowledge of what he did. I was not in the Chair when he spoke, but I have no doubt the rules of order were strictly enforced, whoever was in the Chair.More Button

The Deputy is a bit previous in thinking that.More Button

The Minister will justify it on the administration of the Act in the past year and not by contrast with anything else.More Button

If the Minister persists, I will have to ask him to discontinue his speech. I have said definitely and ruled so. His speech will have to review this Act in the financial year just passed out.More Button

Deputy Lynch will have to withdraw that statement.More Button

Deputy Lynch will sit down, and so will Deputy O'Leary. It has been said that when Deputy Lynch was in office certain moneys that should have been paid to certain people were not paid to them. That w...More Button

I do not think that statement was made.More Button

The statement was that the Deputy gave preference to political supporters of his own.More Button

Such statements have been made repeatedly here.More Button

Deputy Lynch must withdraw the remark he made with regard to the Minister.More Button

I have already told the Minister that he must discuss the Estimate and the administration of the Act within the financial year under review. Did this incident take place within the year under review?More Button

The Minister must confine himself to the administration of the Act in the year under review or sit down.More Button

The Minister has definitely stated that political preference was shown by Deputy Lynch when he was in office. Surely that did not take place in the year under review. The Minister will confine himsel...More Button

I am not going to give any judgment in advance.More Button

Would the Deputy point out where he is doing so.More Button

The Minister is referring to one particular case which has not been disposed of and the reasons why it cannot be disposed of.More Button

What about the Estimate?More Button

The Deputy so far has not proceeded to discuss the price of cattle.More Button

The Deputy has not said one word about the price of cattle so far. He says that the people in the Gaeltacht are suffering more than the people in any other district. Surely I must give the Deputy an...More Button

Deputy Smith cannot challenge the ruling of the Chair, even by implication.More Button

Is the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the price of cattle in the Gaeltacht? Has he anything to do with it?More Button

We have had the economic war, and the price of cattle on various Estimates. The Parliamentary Secretary answering for this Vote is responsible for certain things in this Estimate. I cannot allow the...More Button

Oh, no.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 7—Old Age Pensions.

It is not in order. It is advocating new legislation.More Button

Deputy Morrissey suggested that there were people getting old age pensions who were not entitled to them within the terms of the present legislation. Deputy Moore has suggested that everybody who reac...More Button

How can everybody, irrespective of their means, get an old age pension if there is a means qualification in the present legislation?More Button

This is clearly indicating new legislation. If I allow Deputy Moore to proceed I must allow every Deputy in the House to deal with the matter in that fashion.More Button

What is the idea of asking the Minister to say what would be the cost of it if we are not discussing its possibility?More Button

Then the Deputy is suggesting it?More Button

The Minister to conclude.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 70—Export Bounties and Subsidies.

No.More Button

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