Mulcahy, Richard James

Friday, 14 July 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 48 No. 19

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Land Bond Bill, 1933—First Stage.

Will the Minister say when the Bill will be circulated?More Button

Can the Minister say when it is proposed to resume the discussion on the Land Bill?More Button

Industrial Credit Bill, 1933—Final Stages.

The Minister will remember several references in dealing with this Bill, to certain major industries that were to be undertaken— sugar beet, cement, industrial alcohol, paper and so on. When dealing ...More Button

If the Minister has to be in the Seanad, I take it that he is not necessarily concluding now, if any other Deputy wishes to speak.More Button

I merely make the point that if the Minister wishes to intervene now, and if other Deputies wish to speak, the Acting-Minister for Industry and Commerce could wind up the debate.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote No. 56—Industry and Commerce (Resumed).

Having reviewed certain aspects of the industrial situation, we were discussing the disclosed dissatisfaction with industrial development in this country expressed by the President. The information t...More Button

Here we have a factory opened by the Minister himself, with all this elaborate information given. This factory was opened with “stunts” but the other factories are not only opened without “stunts” bu...More Button

Given a Viennese sausage factory on the one hand, opened by the Minister for Industry and Commerce, and in respect of which we are given all this elaborate information; and given an ordinary hay rake ...More Button

Yes, the example is picked up elsewhere, and as Deputy MacEoin points out the victory won in Mayo by the Fianna Fáil clubs is heard all throughout the country, so that you have in Longford a position ...More Button

This note is signed by “S. O Ceallaigh, Secretary.” Again I think it is not from the Minister for Local Government and Public Health, because the note is headed “Ardagh Cumann.”More Button

It must be. At any rate if their sisters and daughters and aunts are not included, their uncles and nephews and cousins are. But here we have a situation in which this House is definitely told that t...More Button

No. It is a Vote for the Department of Industry and Commerce, and the Minister of that Department insisted that employment should be through the Labour Exchange. After the assault on that system by ...More Button

I am referring to every section of the people of the country. There are the working classes who are without employment at the present moment. They are without continuous employment and are not given...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Motion for Late Sitting.

The President was invited at the opening of business to-day to move this motion and give the House an opportunity of discussing it. The President, however, deliberately refrained and would not even t...More Button

What does the Vice-President mean by referring to arranging a programme for Estimates, when this House has been sitting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week and last week? Did the ...More Button

He expressly refused to put the motion at that time and he expressly refused to state at what time he would put it.More Button

What did he expect the Whips were going to tell him?More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 3—Department of the President of the Executive Council.

Proof of his divine mission!More Button

And that it would have a good effect on the local elections.More Button

Will the President tell us what I said about Ottawa?More Button

What did I say about it?More Button

I am prepared to hear the President on the subject even if I never said anything about it.More Button

With regard to Ottawa.More Button

The suggestion is being made that I stated here that there was something about Ottawa that would be worth hearing. Let the President mention a single case when I mentioned in this House that any prop...More Button

What other things? The President is quoting me.More Button

Would the President mention any occasion upon which I made a suggestion that would lead him to understand that I was suggesting that there could have been a possibility of agreement at Ottawa?More Button

All I can say is that this is a good foggy start.More Button

I thinks this refers to you, Deputy O'Sullivan.More Button

You did not say it when he was here.More Button

It was only the very strong judgment of the Minister that kept him from interrupting.More Button

Will the Minister accept a correction? From the general election of 1923 I went to any part of the country that I wanted to go, unescorted, unattended and unarmed, until Fianna Fáil were coming back ...More Button

I have given my opinion on that before. We went through the country unarmed and unattended. I say that from the general election of 1923, from that campaign, until the members on the Front Benches o...More Button

They are annoying the people who have to pay them.More Button

Into the Empire with their tails up.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 7—Old Age Pensions.

I submit that if Deputy Moore is allowed to pursue the line of argument he is pursuing, it is in order for me to pursue the line that Deputy Moore and his colleagues voted against trade unionists gett...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 70—Export Bounties and Subsidies.

What are the items in respect of which these are to be paid, and what is the approximate amount in each case?More Button

Surely this is the occasion upon which to give us the information.More Button

Could the Minister allocate the £2,500,000 under these different headings approximately?More Button

I do not want the Minister to tell us the amount of bounty to be paid on pipes, but, say, as between the different classes of agricultural produce.More Button

On the general question of bounties I think the Minister, in view of a recent statement about tariffs, bounties or subsidies for agriculture should give us some explanation of where this huge sum of m...More Button

Is the Minister aware that, in these items I read out, the farmers received about £4,250,000 less than they received last year for half a year? In addition there was probably a £1,000,000 subsidy thr...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Appropriation Bill, 1933.

On a point of order, sir, if you are thinking of accepting that motion, I submit that we have had very important statements made recently on the whole industrial position of this country.More Button

May be the Deputy should not have stayed up all night.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Appropriation Bill, 1933—Committee Stage.

I should like further to point out that the relationship between this Bill and the Resolutions which have been passed already is quite analogous to the relationship between the Finance Bill and the Fi...More Button

Yes, if an opportunity was given us.More Button

This section provides that the Minister may issue £17,750,847 out of the Central Fund. The Minister for Agriculture in dealing with bounties and subsidies was very unsatisfactory in the statement he m...More Button

Can I make a representation to the Chair on the matter?More Button

On the section I want to say a few words. This section asks for power to borrow some £17,000,000. In the critical circumstances of the country and in the light of the amounts of money mentioned here...More Button

Without a certain further statement.More Button

I was not going to argue that the Minister should not get powers for borrowing but, that in giving him the powers the House should, at least, ask that an additional statement should be made, in view o...More Button

I submit that there there is at present a state of affairs that is crushing to our agricultural and industrial life. Some statements that the Minister might make with regard to local bodies would giv...More Button

There is also involved in this section, from the point of view of the taxpayer, the rate of interest at which the Minister may be able to borrow. The arguments I am addressing to the House are intend...More Button

I completely accept your ruling, a Chinn Comhairle. If I am not near enough to the section from your point of view, a Chinn Comhairle, appreciating your position and the position of my colleagues, I s...More Button

I desire to oppose the passing of this section. One of the amendments that I would have liked to have asked you to receive, sir, was an amendment dealing with Vote 56——More Button

——for the expenses of the office of the Minister for Industry and Commerce. The Minister will remember that I pointed out when dealing with that Minister's Estimate that the increase in the trade and...More Button

I submit, again, sir, the representation made to you by Deputy O'Sullivan that the Minister ought not to take upon himself the duties of the Chair. The Minister has deliberately endeavoured to escape...More Button

I want to explain to you, sir, why I am opposing this section. I submit, sir, that we are in Committee. At any rate, I will go on with my explanation. Nothing that the Minister was able to tell us ...More Button

On Section 5? In view of the way in which the discussions on the Estimates have been treated here, the way the Minister with the responsible powers of the Minister for Industry and Commerce, and the ...More Button

On Schedule A, sir, I desire to raise——More Button

I protest against the attitude of the Minister for Finance. Before he had the words of the motion out of his mouth he endeavours, through you, a Chinn Comhairle, to put his hand on the mouths of othe...More Button

You saw the state of disorder, a Chinn Comhairle, to which the Minister's action, when I endeavoured to discuss Section 5, brought this House.More Button

I should like to protest—in view of the way in which discussion has been choked down both on this measure and on the Estimates —against the taking of the Report Stage now.More Button

On the Fifth Stage, sir, item No. 56 of Schedule B, against which an amount of £175,286,000 stands, includes in that figure an amount of £33,215 in respect of the staff of the Trade and Industries bra...More Button

This is a Bill to provide money, and a very considerable amount of money, money over and above what the Minister for Finance thinks he is able to raise by taxation this year, in view of the taxable ca...More Button

I am addressing myself now to setting the Minister's mind at rest that I am not travelling away from the subject matter of the Bill.More Button

If Ministers would leave me alone I will be as brief and to the point as possible, because my object in intervening is not to tell them anything they do not know, but to ask them to give us informatio...More Button

The Minister for Agriculture told us the condition in which agriculture was. We are dependent on industry as well as agriculture in order to get the taxation provided for in this Bill to carry on the...More Button

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